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and I’m off to see the wizard

This is my final blog post before I take off for parts down undah! I won’t be blogging for the next two weeks, but I swear that when I return, I’m going to start sewing and crafting with much vigor. … Continue reading

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good mail

I guess starting candyswappers has paid off, because I had a good mail day the other day! I got candy from my candyswap partner, and I also got a crocheted bunny clutching an eggplant. Isn’t he cute? The talented and … Continue reading

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happy spring

My mother’s birthday coincides with the first day of spring. I decided to bake her a cake, because I now live in the same city as she does! At first I was going to make a lemon layer cake, but … Continue reading

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fair play

I bet you all thought I moved to Portland and stopped knitting/sewing/crafting, didn’t you? Well, you might not be so far off–I’ve slowed down a bit, but I’m still at it, and I managed to finish my fair isle vest! … Continue reading

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‘Tis the season

Marshmallow Peeps are “always in season” now, but really, Easter is indisputably the ultimate season for Peeps. No other holiday comes with Peeps accessories! Today I stumbled upon the Peeps display, and it was a sight to behold. I think … Continue reading

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we’re off to see the wizard

In a week and a half I’m going on vacation to AUSTRALIA. Can you believe it? I hardly can. I’m going with none other than Carolyn, and we are going to have ten tons of fun. We’ll be hitting Sydney, … Continue reading

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all cookies, all the time

Saturday I accidentally went to New Seasons Market (a GREAT local market) during their cookie tasting. It was pretty amazing. They were sampling just about every variety of packaged cookie sold in the store! Here is just one table: I … Continue reading

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dot this

I’d been looking all over town for these LED stick-on lights, and I finally found them! Now I just have to decide where to stick them.

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it’s not supposed to snow here in march

It was quite a shock when I got up this morning, pulled up the shade, and saw SNOW. It’s not really supposed to snow here at this time of year, but it did! The dogs didn’t want to go out. … Continue reading

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the scone age

Way back in the early 1990s, my friend Alice and I were a little obsessed with scones. We both had the tiny cookbook Biscuits and Scones by Elizabeth Alston, and nearly every day we would get together for scones, tea, … Continue reading

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