we’re off to see the wizard

In a week and a half I’m going on vacation to AUSTRALIA. Can you believe it? I hardly can. I’m going with none other than Carolyn, and we are going to have ten tons of fun. We’ll be hitting Sydney, Melbourne, Cairns, Darwin, and Uluru. If any of you out there have any suggestions on places to eat, shop, sightsee, run, frolic, please let me know. All I can say is these places had better stock up on Tim Tams, cuz I’m planning to clean them out.

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  1. carolyn says:


  2. Theresa says:

    Sailor Thai is one of the most incredible dining experiences I’ve had anywhere in the world. It’s in Sydney and will set you back a little bit but worth it — definitely a Thai restaurant like no other. The restaurant at the base of the Sydney Opera was also quite good when we were there… I just can’t remember the name of it.

  3. Siow Chin says:

    Have loads of fun, Mariko!

  4. Kathy says:

    Long time lurker. Just wanted to say have a great time in Australia. It you can, its cheaper to buy the tim-tams in the grocery stores! I went there for a visit last year & thats what my girl friend said to do! Have fun.

  5. Nicole says:

    Damn – you’re not coming to Perth! There’s also Twisties to eat and meat pies (blah) and lamingtons. Oooh in Melbourne you HAVE 🙂 to go to a bakery for french toast breakfast in Fitzroy. Called Babka. Often there are queues, but SO worth it.

  6. Nicole says:

    Ooh and don’t forget Vegemite 🙂

  7. Mia says:

    Um.. can I ask.. what the hell is a Tim Tam?
    ::laughing:: Have a GREAT time.. can’t wait to read about Australia. I’m going to Egypt in October.. how will I ever wait that long? *grin* At least I’ve already asked and found out that there IS indeed a yarn store in Egypt!

  8. Miss Dot says:

    King Street in Newtown in Sydney is a great place for dinner and a browse. 400 ish King street is a great bead shop, button shop opposite and a gift clothes shop called MADE. The whole street is great. The Rocks in Sydney is a big touristy place but there are great craft galleries and another great bead shop. Also you must go to Oxford street in Paddington for great shopping plus a weekend market. In Melbourne there is a great market on the weekends under the bridge at South Bank, lots of local craft people. Have a great holiday!

  9. claudia says:

    Jealousy abounds.

  10. Diana says:

    Spend a day in Bondi Beach. Do the walk from Bondi to Bronte or Cogee – is gorgeous. Then take the bus back to where ever.

  11. Melissa says:

    So Jealous! Look for a restaurant in Melbourne called Cookie. Tony Bourdain wrote about in Gourmet Magazine, and we went when we visited in Feb. 2005. It’s awesome! Too bad you’re not going to Tasmania – amazing!

  12. The Skirt says:

    What a shame – I will just miss you! When I’m in Sydney I like to go to Oxford St in Paddington, including the markets on Saturday. I also really love taking a walk and eating lunch in Hyde Park. There’s an art museum (I forget the name, sorry!) that borders the park that is free for general exhibits and is lovely too.
    Whatever you do, don’t stock up on any yarn other than Aussie or NZ made stuff – it will probably be more expensive. (And if you have any yarn shops on your Sydney itinerary, I’d love some recommendations!)

  13. lisa says:

    I can’t believe you’ve been holding out on telling us about your trip! I bet you’ll get to eat all sorts of great Australian candy while you’re there.
    I hope you have a great time, and come back with tons of photos to share. 🙂

  14. Kay says:

    We honeymooned in Australia 15 years ago, and have good friends in Sydney. LOVED Sydney and Melbourne. Cairns was our transit place to the Whitsunday Islands/Great Barrier Reef, and we didn’t like it much in comparison to everything else we had seen. Not much there there, but maybe we just didn’t know where to find it.
    You are going to have a blast. Australians TALK to tourists. They tend to have good senses of humor. It’s fun travelling there, shopping, eating and drinking–all is good. Except for that driving on the left thing. xox Kay

  15. kelly says:

    you know, i might be able to squeeze into a suitcase if i practiced my yoga moves…

  16. Alison says:

    You do know Tim Tams come in alcoholic flavours don’t you….Tia Maria, Kahlua…
    Cheezels – don’t forget cheezels. And Jaffas. And meat pies are lovely 🙂
    Sydney – definately King Street in Newtown, but also Crown Street Surrey Hills – No Chintz has great fabric and trimmings, plus great little cafes and Mahjong Room for chinese dinner, plus Billy Kwong for asian food. Tessutis in Pitt St Mall (in one of the Arcades) does wonderful fabrics and trimmings left over from all the big name australian clothes designers. Kinokuniya at Town Hall for japanese craft books and magazines and fabulous childrens books both english and japanese.
    Melbourne – Martas Yarns in Malvern (tram it) and on Elizabeth St in the city (the Malvern one is better) for the most amazing hand dyed yarns. Patchwork On Central also in Malvern is the best fabric shop ever. St Kilda for cafes and shops and groovy up and coming fashion stores. All the little back laneways through the city centre – hidden fashion stores and cafes.
    You’ll have a fabulous time, and if you need anyone to tour guide through Sydney, email me 🙂

  17. Kathy says:

    How sad is it that I’m almost as jealous that you get to eat TimTams as I am that you’re going to Australia? Have a great trip!

  18. clare eats says:

    I can’t wait to meet you!!! 🙂
    King st Rocks and is real close to me and Kiri 😉 if you want to meet my famous other half LOL

  19. KP says:

    Why aren’t you visiting Brisbane, Queensland? What a shame…Cairns can be quite dull in comparison to the southern cities so I hope you have a jam packed itinerary, perhaps make your way north from Cairns to Palm Cove & Port Douglas. Have a fantastic time and do purchase your Tim Tams in the supermarket, so much cheaper. Enjoy!!

  20. kate says:

    If you are going to Darwin you MUST go to Kakadu National Park. Second only to the birth of my child, it was the most amazing experience of my life. I mean it…go there! Take a tour! (Bring comfortable shoes.)

  21. Megan says:

    I was in Australia about ten years ago, and the coolest thing was seeing the Southern Cross. It’s kind of a wacky and surreal experience to look up at the night sky and find that all the constellations are different! On a more earthly note, there are lots of giant roadside attractions worth stopping by for a photo op. Try the Big Banana, the Giant Clam, the Giant Prawn, I think there’s a Giant Worm, and there’s also a Giant Ned Kelly. Just Google “Australia’s Big Things” and have fun!

  22. Peeve says:

    Melbourne – you MUST see Marta’s Yarns in Caulfield. You can catch a tram from the city, or several train lines go through Caulfield station, which is about a three minute walk away from the store.

  23. 32mermaids says:

    If you’re in Sydney over a weekend, check out Glebe and Paddington markets (Saturdays, from about 10am to 4pm) and Bondi market (Sunday, about the same time). There is also the Rocks market, but it’s pretty overpriced and touristy. Nice to look at, though.
    As for food, try breakfast at Bill’s in Darlinghurst (I think, possibly Surry Hills or thereabouts), their breakfast is second to none. A splurgy dinner at Doyles is gorgeous, but only if you eat seafood, the Balmain Bugs are so yum. Pretty much any food at Woolloomooloo is going to knock your socks off.
    And while you’re in the Aussie cookie aisle, try wagon wheels and double coat timtams. Hell, you need to try all of the timtam varieties.
    Have a great time, I hope we put on some good weather for you!

  24. 32mermaids says:

    Oops, I should have said Bondi Beach markets, not Bondi Junction market.
    Have fun!

  25. Michele says:

    If you like Vietnamese beef noodles, there’s a restaurant – “Mee Kong Noodles – situated at Melbourne’s city area.
    I spent 2 weeks at Melbourne once and I must have ate it like 6 times in just 2 weeks alone. 🙂
    My fave shopping haunt is Chadstone Shopping Centre located in the suburbs area. Huge place – tons of shopping to do there. 🙂

  26. Sidherian says:

    Have a wonderful time here, and try going to Tapestry Craft when in Sydney (great knitting/quilting store).
    Oh, and remember, it’s biscuits not cookies, lollies not candy.

  27. lisa says:

    When you’re in melbourne, remember to pop into the Queen Victoria Market! Absolutely fantasy place. I’m a native Melburnian and love the place.
    Also don’t forget to go to Melbourne Central, QV and Chadstone Shopping Centre – all these places are easily acessible by public transport!
    Food comes in abundance so don’t fear that you’d starve to death!

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