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the silence of the peeps

I had to rescue them, didn’t I? I am tempted to go back and get more …

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Short sleeve weather

Ha ha ha, a finished object! The pattern is from one of the Japanese knitting magazines that La Brainy sent eons ago when she was living overseas (hmm, does Canada count as overseas? Ha ha). In the book the sweater … Continue reading

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Candy, what else?

I was very egg-cited to be able to participate in Operation Haremail, a chocolate bunny exchange of sorts sponsored by the lovely Tammy at Polka Dot Mittens. My bunny buddy Johanna and I hopped in under the wire and were … Continue reading

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We have a winner!

Thank you all for playing! I am flattered and quite frankly a tad frightened that so many of you would think I bought dozens and dozens of Peeps. Do I really come across as that nutty (you don’t have to … Continue reading

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blanketing the world with peep love

I promise the Peepcentric posts will die down soon, but for now, you will just have to bear with me. Anyway, I am not a collector of plushes, but I would be a liar if I told you I did … Continue reading

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IMBB #13: Cupcakes!

I have long wanted to participate in one of the IMBB (Is My Blog Burning) events. For those of you unfamiliar with IMBB, it is a monthly food blog event wherein a theme is selected, and anyone who wants to … Continue reading

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multiplying swim bags

My friend Tom commissioned me to make a couple of swim bags for him, and here’s what I made: I think he is going to take the two solid-colored ones, so I might put the strawberry one up for sale … Continue reading

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pushing the fiber boundaries

Yes, I’m still knitting, and I have a finished object to prove it! It’s wrappy top #36 from the latest Rebecca (doesn’t that sound like a Westminster Dog Show announcement? “Wrappy top #36”): I made some changes, which completely altered … Continue reading

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fashion show fun

Yesterday I left our house just before 7am and got home at 11pm. It was a LONG day, and most of it was spent sitting in a van. It was fun, though, so I’m really glad I went. The ladies … Continue reading

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sushi dreams

My mother’s birthday is Sunday (the first day of spring!), so I made her a little sushi outfit. The bottoms are pajama bottoms, but the top is a regular T-shirt. I hope it doesn’t confuse her to have mixed category … Continue reading

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