blanketing the world with peep love

I promise the Peepcentric posts will die down soon, but for now, you will just have to bear with me. Anyway, I am not a collector of plushes, but I would be a liar if I told you I did not covet the new line of Peeps plushes. I resisted, and I was rewarded. Thank you, KnittyKim, for my Peep plush:

peeps plush.JPG

I am not worthy, but oh, how I love my Peeps plush. It is so deliciously soft! I find myself cupping it in the palm of my hand and petting it, peering lovingly into its chicky little eyes, rubbing it against my face! Aiyaaaaa!!!!
Okay, and now it’s time for a little contest! Check out these packages I mailed yesterday:
Can you guess how many packages of Peeps are in these parcels? I just want a total, and for clarification, when I talk about a package of Peeps, I am talking about the shrinkwrapped package that contains three smaller boxes. In chick terms, I’m talking a 15-count package. For the bunnies, it’s a 16-count package. If you require further information, please go here. What’s the prize? I don’t know yet, but hopefully it won’t be too lame, and it really should be Peep themed, don’t you think? So if you’re one of those weirdos who doesn’t like Peeps, you might want to sit this one out. Let the games begin!

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39 Responses to blanketing the world with peep love

  1. Sara A. says:

    How about 42??

  2. benita says:

    Hi, Mariko
    Yes, I guess the peeps must be your colour too! (the 5 count :))
    Anyway, we haven’t spotted any peeps here in mid-Wales, UK, but I saw a lovely topiary peep tree in a blog somewhere (sorry…). At the time I wondered what those little yellow things in the pic were…
    I always learn new things reading your blog, thanks a lot (or ‘diolch yn fawr’).
    Best wishes

  3. jennifer says:

    my guess is 10. your plush peep is so cute! i caved and bought myself a pink bunny peep pen the other day . . . i think peeps are just about the cutest things in the world!

  4. Christie says:

    120 peeps, 8 packages.

  5. Johanna says:

    Oooh, I feel like I should disqualify myself because I’m pretty sure one of those packages is for me! Happy Easter Mariko!

  6. Ann says:

    Peep! Peep! I’m a-guessing 23.

  7. Shelby says:

    I see that someone else has already guessed 8, but that’s the number I came up with before I read the comments. If that’s not fair then I’ll guess 9.

  8. Kim says:

    Hmm…I’ll guess 11 packages?

  9. hannah says:

    a bakers dozen??? that being 13 packs i think…

  10. Lizzi says:

    I have a stuffed Peep too, and I just love it to death. My mom surprised me with it about two weeks ago, and now it’s sitting on top of my computer monitor!
    I’m debating about whether to pick up one of the Peep baskets when they inevitably go on sale after Easter.

  11. Lauren says:

    i’m going to go with…..8

  12. carrie says:

    I’m guessing 16.

  13. Gina says:

    Hi Mariko! My guess is 16 packages. Thanks!
    G Witt

  14. jessica says:

    6 packages?!?

  15. jessica says:

    I’m posting again because i put in my email address wrong. (i swear i can spell my own name!!)

  16. Jiru says:

    Did anyone guess 14 yet? That’s my guess. Mariko, I just love checking in every day to see what you’re up to! Thanks for doing what you do.
    Um, I hope this won’t offend anyone, but have you ever seen this site?
    Just a little humor…

  17. Jackie says:

    24 packages of Peeps!
    Happy Easter!

  18. Rani says:

    My guess is 25.

  19. kelly says:

    I’m going to have to go with 22 packages of Peep goodness… Yummy!

  20. Sharlene says:

    19? Prob’ly too low, but I’m sticking with it. 🙂

  21. Emma says:

    38? And I’ve enjoyed the peepcentric posts, especially about the peeps lip balms at lipmedic–I bought a few for gifts…lucky friends, thanks to you!

  22. Sara says:

    I agree- keep up the peep-centric posts! I have purchased nothing but health food (dried fruit and organic animal crackers)for my kids’ easter baskets but have a hidden stash of my own peeps and I’m not sharing 🙂
    I’d guess 40 packages.
    Happy Peep Day!

  23. Sara says:

    I agree- keep up the peep-centric posts! I have purchased nothing but health food (dried fruit and organic animal crackers)for my kids’ easter baskets but have a hidden stash of my own peeps and I’m not sharing 🙂
    I’d guess 40 packages.
    Happy Peep Day!

  24. amy in az says:

    Peeps rock! I am a huge peep fan just like you– packages… maybe 31?
    Check out my peep pic on my blog!
    Viva la peeps!

  25. Katey says:

    Mmmm love my Peeps! I’m guessing 28.

  26. Jenni says:

    I’ll guess 24. Mmm, Peeps. My folks live near the Peeps Factory in PA. Sadly, they do not have tours.

  27. gaile says:

    Hi Mariko – I’m going to go with 50 packages of peepy goodness. the plushie peep is too sweet, i can see why you love it so!

  28. Gabby Kang says:

    Peeps are love! My sweet boyfriend bought me a purple Peeps bunny purse and one of the small Peeps chick baskets for Easter. My two year old niece got me a Peeps pen and a squishy Peeps pillow, and I just found out that I got a Peep egg decorating kit! You should join the Peeps fanclub!
    I’m going to guess 35 packages of Peeps! Are any of them the new red Target exclusive Peeps?

  29. Nancy says:

    I’m de-lurking because I **love** peeps so much that I can’t resist this contest! Ummmm… I’m going to guess 20 packages. (I don’t think that number’s been guessed yet)
    Now I also know why I’ve only seen the red peeps at Target. duh!

  30. thuy says:

    da schmeebster says fourteen thousand eight hundred and seven peeps! whoopah!

  31. annmarie says:

    I say 57- and what lucky friends you have!

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