We have a winner!

Thank you all for playing! I am flattered and quite frankly a tad frightened that so many of you would think I bought dozens and dozens of Peeps. Do I really come across as that nutty (you don’t have to answer that). Anyway, the winner is Shelby, who guessed 9 packages! Yeah, 9, kind of a letdown now, isn’t it? And I guess the question was a bit tricky, since I didn’t mention that the packages held other items besides Peeps. I wasn’t being tricky on purpose. Shelby will be getting some sort of Peepish prize. I might also send a little prize to Thuy for submitting the most outlandish guess.
Peep on, dear readers!

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6 Responses to We have a winner!

  1. peeps for peeps! happy easter!
    my friend quinn has 9 framed peeps in a shadowbox
    on her windowsill: they’ve been there for years, and are
    still fresh as a daisy!
    tooknap press

  2. Eklectika says:

    http://www.peepdance.com – they rock, man.
    And I saw plush peep pens the other day…oh the tempation…(chicks AND bunnies, mind you)

  3. Bonne Marie says:

    And don’t forget – the day after Easter, all the peeps go on sale and you can either get Next Years way ahead of the crowds or extend that peepy goodness all the way to the 4th…
    (Wonder if they need to be kept in the freezer?)

  4. MJ says:

    I missed yet another contest! Aargh! This is what happens when I miss my daily blogreading. Stupid work.
    Love, love, love all your foodie entries, Mariko. You are not nutty at all!

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