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dressy dish soap

The poor dishwashing liquid bottle. It has to sit around the kitchen day and night, occasionally getting groped by wet or soiled hands. Such a sad existence. But wait! It doesn’t have to be like this! The soap can have … Continue reading

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sushi and donuts

Mrs. H sent me a great package: Sushi fabric and the Donut Book! I think I had the original edition of this book, but it disappeared (I think maybe Megan has it?). I became ravenously hungry for a donut as … Continue reading

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two memes in one

I got tagged TWICE with these meme thingies that have been going around the blogosphere, once for the music meme by Carolyn and the movie meme by little Miss Gidget. Did you know that “meme” is not in the dictionary? … Continue reading

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and now for chocolate muffins

So TODAY is the day for the discussion of chocolate muffins! Here is a lousy picture of one of my chocolate muffins: I just had to make these after I saw them on Obachan’s food blog (she blogs from a … Continue reading

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no chocolate muffins today

So I was going to talk about chocolate muffins today, but instead I am going to share something that has no relation to cooking or crafting! The horror! Anyway, I sometimes talk about Mrs. H, who is responsible for getting … Continue reading

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more fun with butternut squash

FOR those of you who want the ISBN # for the Hello Kitty book, it’s 4-387-00041-4. The link to the book on amazon Japan is here. It appears they are not in stock, though. Stella bought the book at Kinokuniya … Continue reading

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well hello, kitty

Check out this killer book that Stella sent! Don’t worry, I’m not going to make myself a sweater with Hello Kitty plastered onto the front, but there are some cute little things in the book: I am definitely going to … Continue reading

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spirit fingers

It’s hard to believe the midwest and the east coast are buried under snow, cuz around here it got up to 70 degrees this afternoon! Well, hopefully you people out east enjoy the cold weather. Anyway, it IS still cold … Continue reading

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pp’s got a brand new bag

Peter has been needing a bag in which to tote around his swimming gear, so I made him one! I had all the fabric in my stash. The mesh stuff I bought years ago. The sides are Sunbrella. He says … Continue reading

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another reason to move to Portland

They’re going to open a Penzey‘s there (at least I hope they meant Oregon and not Maine … ).

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