no chocolate muffins today

So I was going to talk about chocolate muffins today, but instead I am going to share something that has no relation to cooking or crafting! The horror! Anyway, I sometimes talk about Mrs. H, who is responsible for getting me hooked on sewing. I have known her since I was 6 years old, when I became friends with her daughter Alice. She has 3 daughters in all, each incredibly accomplished and interesting. If you listen to NPR, you’ve probably heard her daughter Emily reporting from Europe and, yes, Iraq. In this week’s Willamette Week, Portland’s free weekly, the lead story is about Emily’s experiences in Iraq. She and the Willamette Week’s editor have been corresponding, and the story shares excerpts from their e-mails. I cannot believe what she has been through. You can read the story here.

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3 Responses to no chocolate muffins today

  1. megan says:

    Thanks for sharing that story. I can’t believe that she has been there so often. Scarey, but also makes me a bit jealous of her job. Those Harris folks sure are adventurous!

  2. carolyn says:

    amazing stuff . but no one should have to go through that.

  3. patricia says:

    wow — powerful. she’s a wonderful journalist — just presenting her observations with no judgment, unlike the sensationalism we normally get bombarded with — wish there were more journalists like her getting mainstream coverage…

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