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my kind of lawn

I’ve been fascinated with cotton lawn as of late. I was kind of into it, but then I think Melissa kind of pushed me over the edge with all her cotton lawn talk. I ended up buying a yard of … Continue reading

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tim tam alert

I finally made it to Cost Plus World Market to seek out the Tim Tam biscuits. I wanted to report that not only do they carry the original Tim Tams, but they also now have the double-coat Tim Tams and … Continue reading

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skirtin’ along

AHHH HAHAHA! I made another skirt! I AM A MACHINE!! HAHA!! Actually, I can’t believe how much sewing I have recently accomplished. I’m not really the most efficient person. Well, all I can say is I have to get all … Continue reading

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japanese craft books and sizing

Aloha! I’m glad you are finding the sewing tips useful. Some of you asked about sizing in the Japanese sewing books. In the books I have, the patterns seem to come in 3 to 4 sizes. Each pattern comes with … Continue reading

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japanese sewing pattern tips

How about some tips on sewing from a Japanese sewing book? First, the books do come with patterns, but the patterns are all squished onto a big piece of paper, which can be very confusing and disorienting. Basically, you just … Continue reading

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frolicking frock

This hot weather has necessitated a new wardrobe! I definitely need more summery, sleeveless items, so last night I made this dress out of some vintage fabric: Can you guess where the pattern is from? Yes, score another for Machiko … Continue reading

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java zone

I tried to buy another fan or two today, but most of the stores around here are sold out. The only thing left was the 4″ personal fan. I was desperate, so I got one. A mini breeze is better … Continue reading

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The big news here in Portland right now is the heat. Portlanders don’t fare well in what is locally considered to be unbearably hot temps. Friday it was 104 here, then Saturday it wasn’t as hot, but it was extremely … Continue reading

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just in time for 104 degree heat

We’re going sleeveless around here! It was 104 degrees today, and we don’t have air conditioning. Hoo boy. Nothing one can do but sit very still and wear sleeveless clothing. Yup, it’s yet another item out of a Machiko Kayaki … Continue reading

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the cat’s in the bag

I have many “things,” and among them is my thing for sandwich bags. So, I was delighted to find the following to add to my stash of reusable baggies: Hello indeed!

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