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I tried to buy another fan or two today, but most of the stores around here are sold out. The only thing left was the 4″ personal fan. I was desperate, so I got one. A mini breeze is better than no breeze! Anyway, I read about a new coffee contraption that is supposed to make the most delicious cup of coffee ever, so I broke my current pledge of trying not to spend money on frivolous items and ordered one. Actually, coffee is a necessity, so maybe it wasn’t a frivolous purchase after all.

May I introduce the AeroPress. I’ve used it a few times now, and I’m not sure it makes the best cup of coffee I’ve ever tasted, but it sure is fun to use. The theory is that “total immersion brewing” leads to a very flavorful and smooth cup of coffee. I like coffee that has some body and thickness, and I haven’t figured out how to get the AeroPress to mimic that full body flavor just yet. Also, you’re supposed to use the plunger thing so the air gets sucked out of the grounds or something, but it seems like all the water drips through the grounds before I have a chance to do the suction thing. Anyway, I am still experimenting and will continue to do so (cuz it’s NOT a frivolous purchase, remember?).

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  1. kat says:

    I like how it has ‘WOW’ in capital letters on the box. I wish it was that hot here….It’s been raining in Tokes for what seems like weeks!!

  2. Mandy says:

    One of my co-workers was calling around trying to find a window air-conditioner today. Everyone laughed at her.

  3. nicci says:

    If your water is dripping thru too fast then your grounds are maybe not ground fine enough. (are you using espresso ground or auto drip?) A local coffee shop should be able to grind beans for you that are extra fine. Even a grinder at home doesn’t ususlaly get the grounds fine enough.

  4. freecia says: is your friend. Amazon Prime is your expensive friend who comes through in a pinch.
    Fans, sorted by bestselling
    The weather has been really unbearable here near San Jose, too.

  5. freecia says:

    And here, too|103|30994&ec=BC-EC877-CatHome&pos=9
    Good ol’ costco. Don’t forget to get one for the ‘rents. Heat can kill at that age.

  6. Melissa A. says:

    That is quite the contraption. I’ve been thinking of getting a French Press, isn’t that the same idea?

  7. marielle says:

    This thing at Tar-zhay looks like the perfect solution for all of you Northwest types:
    Sort of midway between an air conditioner and a fan, and not too outrageously priced. Wonder how well it works…

  8. splatgirl says:

    I was eyeing that thing the other day too. I’ve been a French press girl forever and I wonder how it compares to that.
    Coffee with body and thickness…yes, me too.
    Do you have one of those Chemex drip kind? I’d really like to have one of those to try, if only because they feed my addiction to beautiful glassware.

  9. Becky says:

    Here’s a link to a video of the aeropress in action:

  10. meg says:

    Couldn’t agree more – coffee (& related)purchases aren’t frovolous. If they’re also entertaining, bonus!
    Your sewing looks great! Very cute wardrobe.
    Two words: *iced* coffee. Very quickest (imo)- stovetop espresso poured into a spoon (to prevent glass from cracking) over lots of ice, add water if desired. Yes.

  11. Gina says:

    I love that you have turned making coffee into an event and a sort of science experiment.

  12. Cherry Blossom says:

    Hi Mariko. Just found your green tea muffins recipe from google search. The recipe required 2 eggs but was not apparent when the eggs were to be used. At what point do I use that 2 eggs?
    Love your website!

  13. THis looks kind of similar to a vietnamese Coffee maker….of course w/o the aero thing. 🙂

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