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happiness of the freakazoids

Last night I watched what will probably rank as the most insane movie I’ve ever viewed–Happiness of the Katakuris. It’s Japanese, and it is totally whacko! It was funny, though, and oddly uplifting. It combines murder, suspense, musical numbers, animation, … Continue reading

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fun with fabric scraps

I don’t know about you, but I tend to get kind of attached to some of my fabrics, and it’s hard for me to throw away the scraps, even though you can’t really make anything out of them. Well, I … Continue reading

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hits and misses

Happy Post-Turkey Weekend to all! In between fixing turkey, dressing, and other eats, I was able to sew up a couple more hats for Megan (the pretty one is still to come). The black one got a bit snug when … Continue reading

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happy deliveries

Two good things came today. First, Dave the mailman brought me this: It is from Mrs. Harris. You know, the genius. It came with some recipes, too. I can’t wait to make some cake-sicles now! Later, Pete the UPS guy … Continue reading

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how to attract rabidly devoted customers

I think maybe the guys at ThreadBear have discovered the key to client loyalty, or at least they have in my case: CANDY. I needed some more Fizz and some needles, so look what Rob included: Yes, they are Milky … Continue reading

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pumpkin + marshmallow = yum

First of all, anyone out there living in Portland must check out the Holiday Craft Bazaar at Posie! It sounds very, very cool, and you just can’t beat free hot cocoa with homemade marshmallows! And besides, Melissa will be there … Continue reading

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holiday crafting

When I visited the Fabric Depot in Portland a few weeks ago, I found some fabric that totally reminded me of my friend Wendy. She has always been into vintage prints and retro stuff. This weekend I sewed a little … Continue reading

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Spreading the chocolatey love!

A couple of months ago I posted about Cabaret Chocolates, a new fine chocolatier based in San Francisco. I admired the company because it was started by a couple of guys following their bliss (that sounds corny, but you know … Continue reading

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bucket o’ disaster

Last night right around bedtime, I got to the point of binding off the brim of the Bucket o’ Chic. I had an ominous feeling already, since the brim was rolling like crazy even before binding off, but I figured … Continue reading

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my kingdom for a pink hoodie

Well, the fabulous Silvia found me the coveted pink hoodie! THANK YOU. Knit bloggers unite! I started on the brim of the candy-colored Bucket o’ Chic. It’s like trudging through knee-high mud, though, what with the doubling of the yarn … Continue reading

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