my kingdom for a pink hoodie

Well, the fabulous Silvia found me the coveted pink hoodie! THANK YOU. Knit bloggers unite!
I started on the brim of the candy-colored Bucket o’ Chic. It’s like trudging through knee-high mud, though, what with the doubling of the yarn and all. Hopefully I’ll have more to report later.
Feeling a bit overwhelmed this morning with everything I need/want to do. I have to shop and prepare for Thanksgiving, get Christmas shopping and planning and creating going, and, oh yeah, work. I have major time management issues. I think Pee Wee sums it up perfectly (wav courtesy of Karen!).

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5 Responses to my kingdom for a pink hoodie

  1. Becky says:

    Bahahahahahaaaaa! Pee Wee is describing my current feelings re the lovely but looooooooooooooong poncho I’m knitting for my sister.
    Can’t wait to see your bucket hat!!!

  2. Sara says:

    Can’t wait to see the finished hat…especially b/c I’m a copy cat. I plan on making one for my little sister in blue fizz and lamb’s pride worsted. So this is a silly question, but do you knit it on No. 8 needles or No. 11 needles b/c you’re carrying two strands? I wasn’t sure which set of instructions to follow?

  3. claudia says:

    Hoody + bucket pic….ya gotta do it!

  4. Silvia says:

    Pinkie should get there tomorrow, hopefully! So the timing with the finishing of the bucket should be perfect…

  5. Yay for the pink hoodie!

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