candy-colored clown

This attraction to all things orange and pink, as well as the pajama bottoms I sewed for my mother today, is making me wonder if perhaps I was a clown in a past life?
pj bottoms.JPG
Not much progress to report on my candy-colored Bucket o’ Chic, I’m afraid. I am loving the colors together, but it’s not very furry, since I am using Crystal Palace Fizz, which is fizzy, not furry. But if you want candy-colored furry, check out Silvia’s completed Bucket o’ Chic! Tres chic, non? And look, she bought one of the Chemo Megan shirts, and it looks GREAT! Thanks, Silvia!
On to other things pink, those pink hoodies by Isaac Mizrahi are on sale at Target this week for $16.99!!! If anyone happens by a Target and finds a pink one in small, um, can you pick one up for me? I guess that’s kind of a crazy thing to ask, and what if I end up with a dozen of them? Heh, yeah, right.

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5 Responses to candy-colored clown

  1. kate says:

    hey mariko, picked up the sony. love it but haven’t tried it out yet. how adorable is it!! all the small isaac pink hoodies in small are gone at the target i go to. sorry. wanted one too. would have gotten you one otherwise. hope someone else can get one for you.

  2. Silvia says:

    Get out of my head, I’m going to target before the gym this a.m., so I’ll let the small status! I love that Isaac group I got the pink and orange long sleeved T! I used to see him marching around the FIT neighborhood, I guees he lived in the area. Couldn’t miss him…loooonnnggg flowing duster coat following behind him….

  3. kerrie says:

    pink and orange is a great colour combination, i love those pjs!

  4. Em says:

    Wow, I love Target. Saw a commercial last night with Mr. Mizrahi and one of his bags (I assume–or why else would he be on the commercial?) that I completely fell in love with. I must have one.
    I also love the PJ bottoms!
    And you’re NEVER too old for a gift exchange. Are you kidding? It’s presents we’re talking about!

  5. Rachael says:

    Dude, I was at Target today, but didn’t see any in pink, dammit, or you’d have got one, for sure!

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