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happy new year

Well, another year has come and gone! I don’t think I am going to make any resolutions this year, except maybe to get healthy. Anyway, a year certainly can’t end without some sweets! A few weeks ago Melissa and I … Continue reading

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sock it to me

I recently participated in a sock swap. I desperately attempted to overcome my bad sock-knitting mojo so my recipient wouldn’t get really lame socks. I tried to compensate by using yummy yarn, a cashmere-silk blend. And speaking of yummy, take … Continue reading

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clam cleam

You know, Lucky Magazine might be kind of eye candy trashy, but sometimes they have really good tips. For instance, the latest issue had the best tip ever: where to purchase Cram Cream products! Get thee to Juice Planning and … Continue reading

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holiday plans foiled

I was supposed to go to California for Christmas with Peter’s family, but I got really sick and could not move! Peter had to go by himself, and Deedle and I have been hanging out here. Last night I couldn’t … Continue reading

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not-so-angry chicken

I finally got to meet Angry Chicken Amy and her posse! She is great, as you would expect, and a brunette, which I did not expect. She has so many ideas and is so creative and talented and motivated that … Continue reading

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bootie central

It got kind of icy around here, and Deedle was having none of it, so we had to go buy her some booties: Luckily, it warmed up, and the ice melted. It takes a while to get those booties strapped … Continue reading

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Most of you are probably unfazed by snow and ice. Deedle, however, has spent her whole life in California, and I don’t know if she had ever seen the snow before today. It had just started snowing when I took … Continue reading

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this is the sound of my jeans button popping off

Oy, so the holidays bring around some holiday bakin’, as you know. I’ve been chowing on the pink cookies and the kolachi, and now I’ve gots me some tasty brownies: What’s in the pretty box? Pretty brownies! I was thrilled … Continue reading

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I’m dreaming of a pink christmas

Last week I got an unexpected call from my friend John. He was sitting in front of the Rocket Bakery in Spokane, Washington, and wanted to know if I wanted/needed any pink cookies. Hello? Does a boat need water? Sigh. … Continue reading

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toasty noro

You probably thought I had forgotten that this blog originally began as a knitblog. Not at all. It’s just that I’ve gotten really slow or something, and I seem to be able to eke out but a few rows per … Continue reading

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