holiday plans foiled

I was supposed to go to California for Christmas with Peter’s family, but I got really sick and could not move! Peter had to go by himself, and Deedle and I have been hanging out here. Last night I couldn’t sleep very well because I had such a persistent cough, so imagine my delight when I discovered that a couple of national drugstore chains were open on Christmas Day (and yes, I did feel a twinge of guilt for being happy they were open). Here’s what I got:

christmas stuff.JPG
By the way, that’s not meant to be a pathetic photo. You know what was pathetic, though, was the number of people in the drugstore BUYING GIFTS. It was nearly noon on Christmas Day! Anyway, the pharmacist recommended that cough syrup, but it seems ineffective. Should I guzzle it?
Happy Holidays to everyone! It’s time to eat chips and read magazines now.

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  1. teena says:

    hello! blog hopping all the way from manila, philippines. 🙂
    so sorry to read that you’re not feeling great during the holidays. i had the same condition last year and soothed my throat with lots of warm water (or as hot as you can tolerate) and a good dose of throat-coat tea (i think you’ll find it at health stores there…we can get some here at a store called healthy options).
    hope you feel better soon. 🙂 happy holidays!

  2. Petula says:

    I’m sorry you’re sick. Are you at least sitting around wearing the Christmas tree hat that you have featured on the sidebar? On the bright side, a nose that’s bright red from lots of blowing could really be its finishing touch.
    About the holiday pharmacy shopping: I’d be curious to see the expression of the person receiving the festive bottle of Vicks 44d or ripping the wrapping paper off that box of Tampax that Santa brought them.

  3. Julie says:

    Sorry to hear that you aren’t feeling well. I have had a migraine all day, so I can symathize.
    Hope the mags & snacks helped take your mind off feeling crummy!

  4. Delsym is actually really good. It doesn’t coat the throat much like the traditional cough syrups, because that’s not the way it works — it’s not designed to have physical effect, but chemical. It actually works on your brain to block the urge to cough. One good thing about this is that you can combine it with non-medical stuff that actually makes your throat feel better short-term, while blocking the coughing helps your throat heal for the long-term. Plus it lasts all night so you can sleep which also helps the healing. I learned all this from my husband but you can check it out online naturally.
    Take care, sleep, etc 🙂

  5. becky says:

    I know how you feel. I accidentally ate dip that contained avocado. I am allergic to avocado. Two bites of dip have caused quite a ripple in my Christmas day plans.

  6. debbie says:

    sorry to hear you’re sick – and the cough is the last to go too. but it’s nice to be able to snuggle up with nice magazines and quiet. hope you get to go visiting some other time soon….

  7. Stacie says:

    Merry Christmas! Or maybe not… I hope you are feeling better. My boyfriend came down with a cold this morning and I spent the day stuck in the car with him travelling up and down the state. As soon as I got to my Mom’s house I had a spazz attack and my sister made me take one of her tranqulizers. I have had a very stressful summer, fall, and winter so far, with more stress to follow. I just had a good laugh looking at your brother’s site. That must be you! Ha! Have a good New Years!

  8. molly! says:

    Hey, take it from the one person who gets the croup as an adult, Delsym is where it’s at. If only hard drugz like that weren’t outlawed in Japan! I hope that your cough is better and that Deedle pampered you on Christmas Day. Odaiji ni!

  9. Cher says:

    Sorry to hear you are sick – Delsym is good stuff, but don’t guzzle it — one might end up phoning the poison control center about the dizziness that ensues. (Not that *I* would know anything about that. I’ve just heard rumors…)
    Hope you feel better soon!

  10. suzanne says:

    I’ve guzzled Delsym–at night taking a tablespoon, then maybe another and another until it worked. I love it–I just take it at night when I cough so much I cannot sleep. Seems though during the day I hardly cough at all, but at night…..
    So sorry you are not well-

  11. claudia says:

    Ouch. I hope your holiday season improves, along with that cough.

  12. john says:

    That you “read” InStyle and Martha Stewart Living isn’t even the worst part. You, like, took a picture of them and posted it!

  13. J Strizzy says:

    It sucks to be sick while everyone else is having a good time — I hope you’re feeling better soon!

  14. karen says:

    I once had a persistent cough – worse at night and unaffected by cough medicine – that turned out to be Whooping Cough (pertussis)! It was the most vicious illness I ever had. Be sure and rule it out if this thing hangs on.

  15. betty says:

    I either saw or dreamed I saw something credited to you in print recently. Did I? I thought it was the Pattern-a-day knitting calendar but I’ve been back through that. (I hope you’re well SOON!)

  16. monica says:

    I hope you feel better soon. At least you had good company with Deedle.

  17. radish says:

    Feel better soon!! I find that what works best is lots of rest, sleep, hot liquids and some robitussin. However nasty it tastes, it does the trick. Again feel better!!

  18. Silvia says:

    OH no! Poor Mariko! I hope you’re feeling better and not receiving gifts from RiteAid bought on the afternoon of the 25th. Take care.

  19. Chris says:

    Hope you’re feeling better now!

  20. Steph VW says:

    Whenever my hubby gets a bad cough, I take some ginger and boil it, then add honey and lemon. The ginger is good for clearing up your chest.
    And, being the child of a pharmacist and a firm believer that dr*gs are good: Delsym is quite good, but we usually go with Robitussin or the store brand expectorant/decongestant. Ask the pharmacist about taking it before bed as some cough medicines (pseudoephedrine, especially) can keep you up at night.
    Perhaps you could try sleeping on a bit of an incline?
    Poor sick eggplant. Thank goodness Deedle is there with you!

  21. Steph VW says:

    Uh, the ginger concoction is for you to drink.

  22. Sarah says:

    Merry Christmas! Hope you’re feeling better soon… of my 6 family members currently staying with me, 2 of them are sick with probably more on the way… (yikes).

  23. carolyn says:

    dude – MORE sick? i thought you had finally conquered the last Pune event of 2005. dang.
    (feeling better now as i type this tho, right?????)

  24. carolyn says:

    hey – do you have instyle august 2005 issue?

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