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Holiday Gift Guide – Office Supplies!!

Happy Black Friday to you all! Now, this is going to be a loaded post, but there’s a payoff for you! The great folks over at JetPens, my favorite supplier of Japanese office supplies, presented an offer I could not … Continue reading

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Mascara guard, originally uploaded by super eggplant. Hi. I have been missing for a bit. I guess I got a little too smug about not getting sick while everyone around me fell like dominoes, cuz then I got the crud. … Continue reading

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a sequins of event

Let’s just start at the beginning, shall we? I saw a sequined skirt at some store and thought, hey, that’s kind of cute, so I decided to make one. I got the fabric, Peter took one look at it and … Continue reading

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smock it to me

I know, it’s a miracle, I actually sewed something! I could have posted this a few days ago, but I was concerned that it might get mistaken for a Halloween costume. This poor tunic endured all sorts of insults prior … Continue reading

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