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Hi. I have been missing for a bit. I guess I got a little too smug about not getting sick while everyone around me fell like dominoes, cuz then I got the crud. It’s been just over a week now, and each day I feel better, but I still have gooey stuff in my sinuses and a lingering cough. Thank goodness for the codeine-laced cough syrup. That stuff puts me into a deep, peaceful sleep, and often I dream of crystal blue, clear waters and sun.

And now for something completely different, I got myself a mascara guard. I have resisted mascara for decades. I felt like it made no difference if I wore it, plus it felt weird and made my lashes bash into my glasses. In the past year, though, I discovered the Japanese fiber mascaras, like Fiberwig and Opera MyLash, and miracle of miracles, I can wear those with no discomfort! I also got a battery operated eyelash curler that works (the manual ones always pinch my eyelids). So, more days than not, I now sport mascara (it’s part of my new “daily makeup”routine, ha ha). The only problem is, I have sparse and stubby eyelashes (dang Asian genes), which, coupled with my general lack of hand coordination, makes applying mascara a bit dangerous. I always think I am going to poke myself in the eye with the wand or just smear the mascara all over my eyelid. Well, this mascara guard should protect against such mishaps! I haven’t tried it yet, but I will today. I will let you know if it’s worth the $4 I paid at Uwajimaya.

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  1. Brenda says:

    Anxiously awaiting your review from another (Asian)gal with challenged eyelashes.Can you share the brand of eyelash curler and stores for the mascara?

  2. MicheleLB says:

    I love mascara! But it smudges under my eyes, so I don’t wear it often. Where did you find your fiber mascaras, and do they smudge? Asian gals wanna know!

  3. megan says:

    I so need to try that out at xmas!!

  4. Lydia says:

    I hear you on the make-up front: I’m most comfortable without make-up, but in recent years, I’ve had to admit that with my advancing age, at least some mascara and some cover-up around my eyes makes a huge difference. However, I’ve tried a mascara guard, but it didn’t work for me so it went before the firing squad and I 86’d it.
    Hope you get better soon.

  5. Jennifer says:

    Ugh – so sorry you were sick. I’m glad you’re starting to feel better. Hope you have a very happy holiday. On the mascara front, I can no longer wear it as it irritates my eyes. Somedays I miss it, somedays I’m so thrilled I don’t have to bother. But then again, I never had such a cute mascara contraption as that. Looks adorable. Good luck. Can’t wait to hear the results.

  6. Mary says:

    For all the same reasons I never wore mascara…well, that an a very strict Mexican mom that didn’t allow make-up (clear mascara and lip gloss were I could get away with…). Funny how you (I) just stopped trying after a while…and now, 20 years later? I’m the weird older lady at Sephora trying to figure out what goes where and does what to your face…
    I hope the contraption is a success. And I hope you feel all better before the holidays hit.

  7. freecia says:

    All the Asian Ladies! sasa is a good place to start online since they have reviews.
    Mariko – I got a Kai brand eyelash curler, mine is a blue plastic thing, that works pretty well. No pinches. The little corner lash model is useless. Also purchased at the local Japanese market. If the mascara guard doesn’t work out for you, youtube beauty girl Michelle Phan shows how to make one out of spare plastic somewhere on her channel. You know you want to do a mascara comparison review… I totally want to see the Mal. Maj. compared to others. So want some!

  8. Seanna Lea says:

    Heh. I wear mascara because I am wearing my contacts instead of glasses and find that my eyes just completely fade without something lining them. I’m much handier with the mascara wand than eyeliner. I always freak out that I’m going to stick it into my eyes.

  9. i learn more about Japan from you than from living here…
    and sadly, my sons have beautiful eyelashes… long and curly..and my daughter has her dad’s (japanese) eyes…..
    would love to see a photo…

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