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edible yet questionable

So that mystery batter was for a steamed cake! I got the recipe from my friend Michiko. It is supposed to be a copy of the steamed cake from the esteemed Kimura-ya Bakery of Japan. Click to see a slice! … Continue reading

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mystery batter

Will this become something edible? Tune in tomorrow to find out! By the way, Peter says anyone who wants to go sailing is invited, so if you ever find yourself on the central coast of California and are feeling saily, … Continue reading

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I went looking for cows and found cheese and chocolate instead

Today is the first day of the California Mid-State Fair, which happens to take place right here (in fact, I think I hear Leann Rimes right now!). On opening day they always have a cattle drive through town, and every … Continue reading

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Okay, so I had to join the Candyalong when I saw there was a candy swap involved. I had been waiting eagerly for my candy to arrive, and yesterday I got my candy from Kim: Such an amazing variety! And … Continue reading

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pillowcases 101

Pillowcases make great gifts for people, I think. You can personalize them very easily, and even the most conservative dresser would probably not object to a whimsical pillowcase. Also, everyone sleeps! Yay pillowcases! So here’s what to do: you need … Continue reading

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I finished up the Caryl’s Kerchief with the one skein of koigu. It’s the first time I have incorporated beading into my knitting, and I have to say it was quite fun. Here’s the finished product: I won’t be able … Continue reading

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desperate times

What do they say about desperate times? Well, after the overwhelming response I received regarding chocolate cake recipes, can you guess what I’ve been craving like a madwoman? So imagine my delight when I was reading Chika‘s food blog and … Continue reading

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in search of chocolate cake

For the third or fourth day in a row, let me mention that it has been hot here! Anyway, it means I don’t really want to turn on the oven. Still, I thought I’d ask if anyone out there has … Continue reading

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green green tea

It’s been pretty toasty warm here as of late, and a cold, refreshing beverage is always welcome. I drink a lot of iced mugicha (barley tea), but sometimes I think it makes my tummy feel funny. So today I thought … Continue reading

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what to knit next?

The other day I started on Caryl’s Kerchief, the neat little kerchief that Kerrie and Emma knit. It only takes one skein of koigu. I haven’t gotten very far, as you can see: The colors are rather intoxicating, and it’s … Continue reading

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