green green tea

It’s been pretty toasty warm here as of late, and a cold, refreshing beverage is always welcome. I drink a lot of iced mugicha (barley tea), but sometimes I think it makes my tummy feel funny. So today I thought I’d try something different, and I whipped up a glass of iced matcha (powdered green tea).
Unfortunately, I made it a bit too strong, so that REALLY made my tummy feel funny. Next time I’ll get the proportions right (I think 1 teaspoon of matcha per tall glass of ice water would work well), and maybe I’ll make some sugar syrup to go with it. Hope y’all are staying cool!

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  1. Cruz says:

    Yum! That looks so good. I used to favor a little cafe in my neighborhood that went bust. They made a green ice tea latte that was awesome. I didn’t know that one could buy this green tea powder or that it has a name. Thank you Mariko! (where can I buy it?)

  2. Elaine says:

    Looks pretty thick. Refreshing though? I love the color and the little stirrer. It’s so unbearable in Arizona, could use some relief so I might have to check it out.

  3. Anke says:

    They make “matcha macchiato” at our favourite japanese restaurant up our street. I guess it would be possible to make it an iced macchiato. They serve it with green tea cake – I think it is basically some plain cake recipe with matcha powder or strongly brewed matcha stirred into the cake mix. Has anybody made that kind of cake? Its yummy and moist.

  4. yoko says:

    Ooh– careful with that matcha– that can be quite powerful!
    I was told that mugicha was supposed to be good for the tummy? I think I’m going to have to make some– that’s a great summer beverage.

  5. chris says:

    Great picture — I love how the matcha and the tablecloth matcha (hee!). Come to think of it, I love the tablecloth!!!!!

  6. Anke says:

    I second the tablecloth – very cute!
    Just bought some matcha powder and feel faint…it was about 15 bucks for 20g! It`s probably used as currency in some tiny land somewhere on this planet. 🙂

  7. Sharlene says:

    Where do you get the green tea powder? I’ve always wanted to try that stuff. I drink green tea all day long, but only from the leaves.

  8. Jennifer says:

    The Starbucks here in Tokyo are making matcha cream frappucinos! They look soooo yummy when I see someone walking around with them. Nice to see people breaking tradition and combining cream with their green tea. What a no-no before! 🙂

  9. dana says:

    how about giving iced mint tea a try? i like it because it is caffeine free, definitely easy on the tum.

  10. alison says:

    Jennifer (and Mariko, of course): The Starbux in Taiwan are making strawberry-and-cream Frappucinos. Not quite as adventurous. Pretty, though.

  11. izan says:

    two questions…
    1) the dog stirrer/straw, where did you get that?
    2) the tablecloth, where did you get that?

  12. Shetha says:

    Perhaps sweeten with a simple ginger syrup? Gingery tea, yum yum…

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