Most of you are probably unfazed by snow and ice. Deedle, however, has spent her whole life in California, and I don’t know if she had ever seen the snow before today.

deedle in snow.JPG
It had just started snowing when I took that photo. Deedle barely made it to the bottom of the stairs before deciding she wanted to come back into the house. Smart doggie.
The snow is supposed to turn to freezing rain tonight. The timing is not very good–I am supposed to meet Angry Chicken Amy for the first time for a cookie exchange. If you have seen her cookies, you will understand how painful this is (but she is freezing the cookies, so not all is lost).

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9 Responses to blizzard

  1. carolyn says:

    deedle, my love, i take it you will not be coming to visit me in chicago this winter?
    p.s. dang i hope you still get to visit with the angry chicken. say hi for me!!!! (tell her i’m the one w/ the dad and the elephant story and she’ll know who you mean)

  2. marichan says:

    Poor Deedle! The same thing happened to my cat when she first encountered snow. She put one paw in it and ran under the bed and wouldn’t come out for hours. I hope you were able to do your cookie exchange!

  3. amy k. says:

    oh-i am bummed to miss you too, but the freezer works wonders-and hi carolyn! I do rememebr that elephant story! too funny.

  4. Gina says:

    Our cat, Snickers, was so insistent on going outside the other day, when I opened the door, she froze in terror. It was hideously cold, and about 13″ of snow covered the ground. Poor Deedle!

  5. cari says:

    Aw… poor little chicken! Sadie had a similiar reaction when we first adopted her. She was rescued in South Carolina and delivered to our doorstep a few Februarys ago…one day before a major blizzard. Let’s just say she wasn’t pleased.
    Maybe Deedle would be happier if she had some booties to keep the patas warm and dry?

  6. Cinnamon says:

    I’ve seen several dogs wearing those little velcro booties around here in Chicago. There’s so much salt on the sidewalks that dogs can actually get salt burns on their paws. Poor Deedle. At least she has a coat.

  7. kamaco says:

    Hello and Happy Day
    I ran across your blog while looking for some knitting info and loved it. How do I start one and how do we become blog buddies? I am knitter(newbie), jewelry maker, creative in the kitchen, and have about 20-50 projects that I am thinking about trying to do one day~over all too much creative energy for one person, can’t stop the brain sometimes. Anyways your blog seemed like fun and was just wondering how I could get one. Thank you, kamaco

  8. kamaco says:

    Sorry I know that my post has nothing to do with a blizzard. I am also sorry to say(hoping you will still be my friend) I live in So.Cal., don’t hold it against me but I have never even been in a blizzard.

  9. Andrea says:

    I’m from south Texas and I have to agree with Deedle on this one. Warm = good. A white Christmas would be really neat though. 🙂

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