bucket o’ disaster

Last night right around bedtime, I got to the point of binding off the brim of the Bucket o’ Chic. I had an ominous feeling already, since the brim was rolling like crazy even before binding off, but I figured I’d go ahead to see how the thing fit.
bucketodisaster (Small).JPG
That is my crazy look of frustration. Hee hee. I’ve decided to rip out the brim and make the band a bit smaller. I really wanted to have it finished in time for the pink hoodie’s arrival, but I don’t think it’s going to happen, since I don’t feel like working on it tonight. I do totally love the yarn colors, though!
I want to send a big thank you out to Julie, who also found me a pink hoodie! Since Silvia already got me one, Julie decided to keep it! Yay for the pink hoodie, and yay for the generous help of knit bloggers!

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18 Responses to bucket o’ disaster

  1. alison says:

    Ha! Thanks for the hilarious photo! I think your candy bucket will be fabulous, though. Good luck!

  2. Em says:

    Your hat is going to be fantastic, and totally worth the re-brimming. The colors are so cheerful and fun!

  3. Denies says:

    Great colors on your hat.

  4. betsy says:

    Excellent colors! It’s already gorgeous.
    I actually was in a Target last night and saw the hoodie – it’s very cute. I can see why you sent out a plea to the blog universe.

  5. elizabeth says:

    Oooh the hat looks scrumptious! Good enough to eat. Um. yeah it’s lunch time. The hat does look wonderful. I love the combination of yarns, colors, everything about it. You’re making me want to make a hat.

  6. Melissa says:

    You look a little dangerous in that photo! The hat will be great.

  7. MrsHammer says:

    I am making the bucket also in Noro Kureopatra. My brim is rolling up like crazy too. But it is fab and so is yours ! But I am worried ’bout that brim.

  8. Kerstin says:

    Pink hoodies rule! I found one for me and another knit blogger who shall remain anonymous unless she wants to come forward. *teehee* The hat looks fantastic! The brim seems to be causing everyone some problems. Keep at it, you’ll get there.

  9. Sharlyn says:

    My brim rolled like crazy before blocking. I tried using a steamer to block it but I found the best that pressing the brim with a damp cloth works a lot better. I’m not sure if you can do this with the yarn you are using though. All I can tell you is that blocking sure makes a difference with the brim. Maybe you can wet block your hat and place it over a pot or something so that the brim can lay flat.

  10. kerrie says:

    I love the fizziness of your hat, its a gorgeous colour combination.
    Good luck with the rolling brim. I’m sure you’ll win the fight!

  11. Bonne Marie says:

    Hey Mariko! That hat is SUPER! Are you using two strands of worsted with one strand of Fur? I had a problem with limp flabby rolling because I inititally started out with one strand of worsted and one strand of fur.
    Also, try binding off with needles 2 sizes bigger than what you used to knit the hat…
    Let me know how it goes – I will allow no rolling before its time!!!

  12. carolyn says:

    what is that on your head? is that a giant sno-ball that you ate the middle out of and then stuck on like a hat? be careful, someone might try to take a bite of it!

  13. Rose says:

    I love the hat…. I made Diva’s first hat with just worsted and it rolled, and I just finished a red worsted and mohair using one strand of each on the brim (and throughout) and no roll! I did felt it a wee bit as I did it garter stitch and the top looked rather “square”. Now it looks fabulous!

  14. Amy says:

    Love the colors! Good luck with the brim … but it looks terrific “as-is” 🙂

  15. Barbara says:

    Love those colors!!!! Mine rolled too, but blocking does help with the brim. I think on my next one, I will actually do the band a little shorter and the brim a little longer. FWIW, I too love orange and pink together. 🙂

  16. kate says:

    mariko! roll or no roll, that is the cutest version of bonnie marie’s bucket o’chic i’ve seen so far! who is kerstin’s anonymous knit blogger?

  17. kate says:

    oops. all you knit bloggers out there who’ve knit bonnie marie’s bucket o’chic that i’ve gotten a chance to see on your blogs, including the fabulous bonnie marie herself, your versions look great too! forgot to mention that. what a dope.

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