fun with fabric scraps

I don’t know about you, but I tend to get kind of attached to some of my fabrics, and it’s hard for me to throw away the scraps, even though you can’t really make anything out of them. Well, I found a solution that allows me to continue enjoying the fabrics–cocktail napkins! You just have to have a square piece of fabric, and voila (front and back):
cocktail napkin front (Small).JPG cocktail napkin back (Small).JPG
Cakesicle, anyone?
cakesicles (Small).JPG
I was going to use a recipe from the Cake Mix Doctor, but I decided to just go for it and made the killer cupcakes from the Jan/Feb 2003 issue of Cook’s Illustrated.
Thanks for all the ideas and advice regarding the never-ending rolling brim on the bucket o’ chic! I think I will follow Rose’s suggestion and do a garter stitch.

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9 Responses to fun with fabric scraps

  1. Kerstin says:

    Love the cocktail napkins. So much nicer than those stiff paper ones. I’m tempted to use my quilting stash . . . they would make very original gifts. I guess the cakesicles are evidence that the sugar fast is over? 🙂

  2. Allison says:

    Those cocktail napkins are adorable! Wonderful idea.

  3. megan says:

    cute napkins, does this mean you’re going to start drinking?? You’ll probably just pull them out when I come to visit!!!

  4. Silvia says:

    Well you are so clever, cocktail napkins – or if you don’t drink cocktails–coasters! Are cakesicles, cupcakes baked in a mold, or is this a new food item I’m unfamiliar with?

  5. Sara says:

    The Cakesicles look awesome! Yeah, keep us posted on the Bucket-o-chic progress. I just started a felted version for myself. Still have to do the top. It’s HUGE!! And even though I’ve steamed the crap out of the brim, it still rolls.

  6. Lydia M says:

    For my bucket hat I hemmed the brim, and got a nice and sturdy brim with no rolling. I picked up two stitches for every three rows and worked the brim according to pattern. Instead of binding off I did a purl round, and then worked the brim in reverse, with decreases instead of increases, and sewed it to the inside.
    Maybe you could try this?

  7. melissa says:

    I love the cocktail napkins! Very nice mitered corners. You are so clever! I will have to use my fabric scraps and make those someday.

  8. yoko says:

    I hope your problems with the brim are soon solved! I had felted my hat, and it came out super ruffly! I attempted to steam-block after felting, and worked out some, but not all of the ruffles. I want to see if I can make a flatter hat with the non-felting pattern.
    I enjoy reading your blog!

  9. Rachael says:

    Dude. The cocktail napkins are brilliant.

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