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Yesterday I left our house just before 7am and got home at 11pm. It was a LONG day, and most of it was spent sitting in a van. It was fun, though, so I’m really glad I went. The ladies were great. I kind of figured they would be interesting and artistic and all, but I had no idea they would be as accomplished and multi-faceted as they were. One woman is a mural painter, color consultant, quilter, wearable art aficionado, calligrapher, and belly dancer! Another woman used to live in Portland, and it turns out her son and I were in the same graduating class in high school!
Anyway, our first stop was M&L Fabrics in Anaheim/Buena Park (I didn’t really know where we were). It looks like a rundown warehouse, but once you enter, there is fabric EVERYWHERE. Here are a couple of photos I snuck:
bfs m and l.JPG
One section of the store.
bfs m and l flatfolds.JPG
They had rows and rows of these flatfolds. I think most of them were about $1.68 a yard or something ridiculous.
We only had about 30 minutes in the store. I picked up a few small pieces for making bags or pouches or other goodies:
bfs fabs.JPG
After the fabric store we headed to Knott’s Berry Farm. Kind of a crazy place to have a fashion show, but whatever. The Bernina Fashion Show took place in a nicely designed auditorium. You can’t see much from this photo, but it might give you a feel for what the show was like:
It was an actual fashion show, complete with techno music playing in the background, over-the-top narration, and models doing those “vogue” kind of poses (I almost laughed out loud when the first model came out doing that in a wedding gown). I fell asleep during the middle (it was so cozy and dark in there). Some of the garments were truly incredible, and it made me tired just thinking about all the detail work involved. There was one coat that apparently took the equivalent of 3 months of full-time work hours just to embroider! Yikes! Anyway, I have a new appreciation for this world of wearable art. It’s not all quilted, asymmetrical jackets anymore!
One final thing–on the way back up the coast, we stopped in Santa Barbara to have dinner. We ate outside (OUTSIDE, people) at the Paradise Cafe, and it was divine.

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7 Responses to fashion show fun

  1. duff says:

    a surprisingly fun day in the super eggplant life. the girlreaction, she is pleased to read of this. and to see the pretty fabric purchases.

  2. Christie says:

    ooOOooooOOooo….M & L. Talk about sensory overload! I always thought it was strange that most of the women that work there wear scarves on their head and speak some Eastern bloc language. A fashion show at Knott’s? I had a friend get married there…the reception was at Mrs. Knott’s chicken restuarant.

  3. Melanie says:

    I can’t get over how tidy the flat fold fabric section was/is!

  4. froggy says:

    sounds like fun. i can’t get over the fabric section either. someone must be there to fold it back up after anyone touches it.

  5. stinkerbell says:

    can I just say how you have the best taste in fun and funky fabrics??
    I can’t sew for shit, but if I could I would so want to copy your fabric tastes!

  6. kelly says:

    Great to hear you had fun! I love that green stripey fabric with dots – does the selvage say who makes it? I may have to make a trip to OC! Paradise Cafe in SB is fun – great for happy hour martinis on Fridays!

  7. tammy says:

    Also, that is some sharp-looking fabric.
    And did I mention I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

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