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Accepting the fact that I am not going to finish the Becky Wannabe sweater before I leave for Portland, I decided to block the body and sew up the seams so that at least one portion will be ready. I’ll take the sleeves with me and hopefully finish it up north. I tried Bonne Marie’s blocking method by rolling up the pieces in a spun dry towel, but I’m wondering if my highly efficient frontload washer didn’t spin it TOO dry.
beck blocked.jpg
I’m stuck on what to do with the neck. The neckline is pretty neato, but the back neck is not looking very good. The pattern called for a bind-off, so I did a regular old bind-off, and it looks it:
beck back neck.jpg
It sort of flares out and looks funky. Should I do a single crochet? I don’t want it to change the look of the front very much.
Why is John Stamos doing 10-10-987 commercials?

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  1. carolyn says:

    my back neck = same problem.
    and front *looks* fine but i am worried about that center split. feels like it’s stretching a little much right at the split. what if it breaks? i’m thinking of picking up stitches all way around and then binding them off. quick finish but might make me feel a little less worried about the V and might make the back lay down better. not sure….

  2. Silvia says:

    Well I’d lean toward picking up and knitting around the neck to make a small edge finish. Would reverse stockinette roll the knit edge to the public side? The sweater looks great! Go sleeves go!

  3. carrie m says:

    not too sure about the neckline — the rest looks faboo to me.
    but i have a theory about 10-10-987 and john stamos. he’s going to be on broadway soon, methinks, and he’s trying to become more visible. it’s slightly embarrassing for him, perhaps even more than being on “full house.” in one of them, he even mentions how his wife makes all the money in the family!
    ok, i’ve already said too much.

  4. greta says:

    I don’t care WHY he is doing the commercial…I just love looking at him 🙂

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