wide receiver

Quite a few years ago, I purchased some solar weave fabric (it blocks out UV rays) to make Peter a shirt. The fabric was sitting patiently in my stash, but then Peter started harassing me about it, so I decided to sew the shirt. I used a Vogue pattern in size XL, since Peter is 6’2″ and of Danish descent (no dainty bones). I don’t know who designs these patterns, but the shirt is huge. It was also too short, so I had to add some extra fabric to the bottom! I also did a pretty crappy sewing job. Sewing guru Mrs. H told me today that using a jeans needle is helpful on tightly woven fabrics (like nylon and Gortex). I’ll remember that next time! Despite all my troubles, Peter seems to like his shirt, and I guess that’s what counts.
pp in new shirt.JPG
Hope everyone had a nice weekend. I think we must have been the only people in the country who did not attend a barbecue or picnic.

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  1. alison says:

    I think it looks great — it’s big, but it looks like it’s supposed to be big. Nice colour, too. He’ll be camoflage when he’s out sailing.
    But where are the dingleballs?

  2. Deb says:

    The shirt looks good to me! But what do I know being a beginner sewer and all.

  3. Michele says:

    We didn’t to a picnic or BBQ either, but we did make yogurt cake. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Shirley says:

    Oh the pressure to sew! Luckly I don’t (presently) have that problem. That goes for knitting too.
    As for a barbecue or a pic-a-nik over a three day weekend? Sounds like more hype from the media. Like every holiday. As for me, no, did neither. After all it is a rememberance day.

  5. Elisabeth says:

    Wasn’t it you, who was looking for some knitted sponges, some japanese/chinese thing? I think I have found them (I don’t have time to check it thoroughly) here http://knit.sushi-cat.net/ the picture looks like them… and she also has a link til a site where you can translate the whole lot 🙂
    have a nice day!
    Elisabeth *sun i shining in Denmark today*

  6. rock chick says:

    Is the UV protection from the tightness of the fabric’s weave or has it been treated with something? I keep eyeing some shirts at REI that have UV protection, but at $80 a pop and a guarantee for only 50 wash cycles, well, that’s a little steep. Sewing my own is tempting.

  7. Jocelyn says:

    Hello, Mariko
    (i hope i spelled that correctly)
    I have been reading your blog for about two weeks now so here is my first comment great blog fun really fun you have inspired me to learn to sew and between you and melissa sewing and knittin will be no prob,by the way i love the shirt looks great!

  8. Julie says:

    The shirt looks great! I agree with the other commenters,it *looks* like it’s supposed to be big like that. That’s also a really nice shade of blue. So congrats on yet another successful sewing venture! 🙂 You are an inspiration. *eyes sewing stash*

  9. Jackie says:

    No picnic or barbecue here either. I had to *work* yesterday!

  10. Bruce says:

    What a great shirt, but what’s with the guy with the skinny calves??!!!

  11. bethanie says:

    I think the shirt looks great, and we didn’t BBQ either… oh well…

  12. JStrizzy says:

    No BBQ or picnic for me either, just a lovely afternoon lying around in Union Square with the newspaper. I think the shirt looks just the right size–it seems like it’s meant to be oversized a bit. Nice job and lucky Peter!

  13. claudia says:

    Cute husband. I have a half Danish half Swedish one myself, so I am partial….

  14. Silvia says:

    That looks nice on Peter, I think you did a grand job. Did you try a ball point needle? I’d be afraid that the huge jeans needle would cause trouble with runs and things. Interesting thing to test out on scraps though.
    We didn’t bbq either, frozen margaritas and a trip to the no kill shelter to adopt 2 little black kittens (not mine – for my friend)…

  15. carrie m says:

    Perhaps sewing for significant others is the way to go — I doubt there is a “solar weave fabric shirt curse” like the “sweater curse.” : )

  16. You and me together- I don’t ‘do’ picnics and such on Memorial Day- seems kind of weird to go out and enjoy yourself on a day devoted to the memory of people who died for you, ya know?
    Or maybe I’m weird….

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