bbc wales rocks!

I told Marie how much I liked the BBC Radio Wales logo (her partner Andy works there), so she sent me some swag:

marie bbc wales.JPG
Woohoo! Score! T-shirt, bag, pencil, keychain, and even a dog collar thingy! There were some other goodies, too, like the Marie Claire magazine and a knitting mag:
marie knitting mag.JPG

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4 Responses to bbc wales rocks!

  1. maggie! says:

    dear sir or madam,
    is it possible for you to be my hero? i think that i too would like to spend my days knitting. it really does seem quite interesting. i cannot wait until i get my sewing machine

  2. amineko says:

    dear sir or madam,
    i would like little birdy swags, too.
    sincerely yours,

  3. Maggie says:

    That is super swag!! I must admit, I quite like the logo myself.

  4. grace says:

    aww that is a cute logo! i had no idea radio logos could be cute. i especially like the bag and dog collar thingy.

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