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I painted my office over the weekend (it took all weekend), and I did something I would like to warn you all against doing–ya see, I was at the paint store, and they had these little scent pouches at the counter. You add them to your paint to mask the nasty paint fumes with supposedly more pleasant aromas, such as, oh, fresh sheets or spring gardens, etc. I decided to give the citrus scent a try. Who doesn’t love citrus scents! BIG MISTAKE. It smells like a just-cleaned gas station bathroom, and the odor permeates the entire house. Be warned, dear readers.
But anyway, Saturday was a gorgeous day here in the City of Roses. Peter and Deedle and I went for a nice long walk in the park by our house. It has three reservoirs, lots of little trails, and of course a ton of trees.
mt tabor pp and dd.JPG mt tabor reservoir.JPG
I also made giant chocolate chip cookies using peanut butter-chocolate swirled chips and semisweet chips.

choc pb chip cookies.JPG

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10 Responses to random stuff

  1. debbie says:

    boy is your blog suggestive! now i gotta have chocolate chip cookies!

  2. terry says:

    Oh my, those cookies smeel goood 🙂 Why dontcha send a few down this way (SF) – you can’t possibly eat all of them, right?
    Hey, that looks like a cool place to take a walk!

  3. toodie says:

    ah-h-h-h! I saw those new choc chips too.
    should have known you’d be on top of them…
    Say, I was just at Target last week and saw no new chocolates, where are they in the store?
    ….and is your ‘new’ Target nice? I find the Paso store has more variety than the Santa Maria store, which is closer to me.
    Your new neighborhood looks great too. I guess Deedle likes the park! All those trees!

  4. spaazlicious says:

    Not like you’ll be painting your house again anytime soon, but next time just use pour in one of those bottles of vanilla essence (like the kind you used to make those cookies ;). That neutralises the paint odor and the vanilla’s not obnoxious.
    I feel you on the gas station bathroom thing. Never get “new car smell” at the car wash either. I’m not sure when eau de urine became de rigeur for new autos, but it has been awhile since I’ve had one, I’ll admit.

  5. persephone says:

    I actually like the paint smell… Am I weird? I think Beher makes the low-odour, quick drying paint. I am envious of your park. We need to explore our new city more and find the great parks.

  6. flyingpizza says:

    Is that Mount Tabor? Nice.

  7. Amber Lee says:

    Yum, those cookies look so good… I just might have to make some on this foggy dreary day!

  8. Renata says:

    Is that Forrest Park or Mt. Tabor you’re at? It looks like both!
    And I want those cookies. Please give me those cookies *ignores diet*

  9. Shetha says:

    We went for a walk in a park like that Sat too! We were at Mt Tabor looking over Hawthorne and downtown and enjoying some yummy cheeses with some pellegrino/orangina and water crackers. We brought wine but really wine + toddler + hills = bad. Lovely cookies!!

  10. john says:

    So? How were the new chips?

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