Switching soon to elastic waistband pants

Good and interesting food is much more accessible here in Portland than it was in our little California town, and it is difficult to exercise restraint. The other day I visited my mother at Anzen, the Japanese grocery where she works. I saw these limited edition Pocky and had to try them out:

pocky kinako.JPG
Kinako is soy bean flour, and it’s frequently used in Japanese sweets. It is hard to describe how it tastes. Hey, it tastes like soy bean flour! Anyway, the pocky don’t have a very strong kinako flavor, but they are still pretty tasty.
In other eats, I had a great dinner with vacationing food blogger Samantha and her husband Dave. We went to Nuestra Cocina, where they had the most incredible handmade fresh corn tortillas. Yum. I didn’t take any photos because I was trying to come across as, well, normal, but I don’t think I was very successful, since I kept crashing into curbs as I drove us to Pix for dessert (and no, I didn’t have anything to drink).
Oh, and a good review of some Choxie chocolates is here at the candy blog. Of the Choxie I tried, I thought the milk chocolate truffle balls were really good. The centers aren’t as soft as the Lindt truffle balls, but the chocolate was pretty good (not waxy). The chocolate-covered raisins are fine. I’ve had worse, but I’ve probably had better, too.

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16 Responses to Switching soon to elastic waistband pants

  1. Kalani says:

    Anzen!?!?!?!? Anzen is where I picked up my addiction to Pocky (and satisfied my youthful rice candy cravings)! I have serious childhood reminiscences about Anzen. You are a lucky woman.

  2. Jennifer says:

    OMG! I’ve always wanted to incorporate a trip out West where I could meet up with my knitblog buddies… now I’m dying to come to Portland to see Pix. Er.. I mean… you! Ha!

  3. anne says:

    Ah, thanks for the Choxie follow-up. Saw them in the checkout at Target the other day, but thought I would wait to hear what Mariko thought… 🙂

  4. Kathy says:

    Mmmmm….Pocky. Have to see if they carry that one at my local store, though I don’t remember seeing it.

  5. Shelley says:

    mmmmmmmm….I grew up in the same town as a Lindt factory where you could go to their store and get factory seconds – delicious!

  6. yoko says:

    Kinako! It is an indescribable taste– kind of nutty, not too sweet. I love the idea of Kinako Pocky, even if the taste isn’t noticeable.

  7. amineko says:

    rather out of character for such an excellent driver to be hitting curbs. it must have been some meal!

  8. sandee says:

    mmm…kinako…mom used to fry bananas and coat them with kinako. Forget if she coated them before frying or after tho’. hmmmm

  9. anh-minh says:

    have you seen “giant pocky” at any of your local stores? i picked up a box at ichiban kan (in san mateo, ca) just in time for a visit from my nieces and nephews. they LOVED them.

  10. Colette says:

    I used to buy green tea pocky at the Japanese store near my house, but they closed and I can’t find them anywhere else – at least I still have one bag of the coffee hard candy left.

  11. Heidi says:

    Oh man I love that kinako!! I spent a long time looking at Choxies today too but since I was really there to get halloween candy for the neighborhood kids (part of that candy I know I’ll eat myself) I didn’t buy any. Next time!

  12. tracy says:

    Are the chocolate covered raisins from Costco considered ‘good’? I hope so, else I guess I’m just easy to please. 🙂 -t

  13. The Skirt says:

    Ohhh, I *love* Pocky! My brother brought some “Gentleman Pocky” home from Japan on his last trip – they were jumbo Pocky and very delicious (not to be confused with “Men’s Pocky”, which are ordinary sized). The Trouser loves his Pocky something chronic, and we buy a lot at the Japanese shop aroudn the corner.

  14. gaile says:

    oo i love the man pocky, even if it’s just regular but maybe a little darker pocky. just the idea that there would be mens candy is hilarious. like they care.

  15. susan says:

    ok, I have a question that I really hope you have time to answer because it’s been burning inside me for quite some time. I first ate Pocky in Japan, but for some reason we pronounced it Pokey. is it with a long or short o? was it a joke to call it pokey and I didn’t know? I feel dumb now but am totally confused… Also I most loved coconut Pocky and havent found it since that one time eating it somewhere in Osaka…

  16. Lisa says:

    How’s the Knitscape software?

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