Time for a trip to the dump:

dump run.JPG
See how much trash one can accumulate in 6 years? This is just from the shed and garage.
And I would also like to unload these Phildar magazines (Tendances printemps 2004 and Tendances printemps 2003. Both include English translations):
phildar books.JPG
If you would like one or both, please leave a comment. There is no charge for the mag(s), but I do ask that you cover the shipping charge, which will be $3.85 within the US. Mags go to the first dibbers!

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8 Responses to unloading

  1. amineko says:

    i would like both. plus flip flops. thank you.

  2. freecia says:

    I’ll take them, too, sans flip flops. And I’ll kick in $5 plus shipping. ‘Cause English Phildars are hard to come by.

  3. Shannon says:

    It can be truly scary at how much stuff we accumulate! Those mags look interesting but since I just moved too and have been truly disgusted by my accumulation of stuff, I’ll pass. Congrats on your move to Portland! Your possible new house looks very cute! Hope the sale goes through!

  4. VaxGirl says:

    Your pile of junk is oddly comforting. Makes me feel like I’m not the only one…

  5. Mia says:

    If you are drawing names out of a hat, throw my name in the pile. I will gladly cover the postage and throw in some candy plus a pacifer for your brother. Actually, I will send you a pacifer for your brother just for fun.

  6. tweety says:

    Six years! Try 20 or so years, I’m embarrased to say. I’m currently decluttering, though. It’s a good feeling. Good luck with your move, sounds exciting. I enjoy reading your blog, found it a week ago.

  7. fish fish says:

    Mariko, you moving?? I have sent the thing to you. Please take note I sent to the address you gave me!! Hope it will reach you.

  8. empress says:

    OMG! I’ve been looking for thos mags everywhere!! It’s a miracle that I saw them on your site. I hope I’m not too late. Please e-mail me and tell me where to send the money if it’s not too late!! Thanks 😀

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