I was going to talk about frozen yogurt

but some of my photos disappeared from my camera. How does that happen? Anyway, if the photos of frozen yogurt don’t resurface, I guess I’ll just have to make more.
On Saturday Peter coerced five of his students to come and demolish our kitchen. Deedle and I left. When we got home the kitchen was completely obliterated. I took photos, but those disappeared, too. The only ones that survived are this one of the linoleum flooring that was underneath the ugly vinyl:

linoleum floor.JPG

And this one of the ceiling:
kitchen ceiling.JPG
Check out all that knob and tube (is that the correct spelling? I’ve only heard the term). I realized today that I know so little about construction that I have absolutely no clue how this kitchen remodel is actually going to happen. It’s like magic to me. Peter has been doing all the scheduling and planning, and I just have blind faith that it will all work out.
Oh, I keep forgetting to mention that Yarnie Yarn Monkey tagged me for the 7 random things meme. I have to say that I am a bit stumped. I really can’t think of any random things about me, and really, do y’all care? I guess I can think of two: I hate onions to the point that they make me gag (but I can eat them if they are cooked way down like in stew), and I have never been drunk or otherwise altered by illicit drugs.

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18 Responses to I was going to talk about frozen yogurt

  1. eireann says:

    I’ve never been drunk or ‘altered’ either. We’re in good company.:)

  2. Stephanie says:

    Well…I can’t make the claim of not being drunk or altered LOL…but I gotta say…I think that flooring that was under your vinyl is so cool! We have an older house (built in 1960) and I have totally wondered what lurks beneath the carpets and kitchen floor. I don’t know if I’ll ever be brave enough to rip it up like you are…but it’s still cool to see what *could* be under there. If I found a floot like that…I would totally keep it. I know…I’m a weirdo :o)

  3. splatgirl says:

    I really need to know about the frozen yogurt, as I have the frozen tub thingie for my little Donvier all ready to go but am lacking a recipe. I was going to guess and hope for the best with two tubs each of fresh raspberries and blueberries and some good old plain nonfat but I’m not sure about the best method to sweeten it.
    I think you scored the best construction job there is: keeper of the blind faith. On the other hand, you know who would be happy to answer any construction questions you may have. And that old lino is cool!
    I’m going to remodel and old house for my next adventure.

  4. myam says:

    oh, i’d have loved the post on frozen yogurt.
    uh, hi, i’m new. 🙂 will surely come back for fro-yo stuff.

  5. Heather says:

    I agree, that floor is very cool…
    And if you’re into frozen yogurt, might I suggest Pinkberry the next time you’re in L.A.? It’s hyped up for sure but TOTALLY deserving of all the attention it’s gotten. Check it out!

  6. Steph F. says:

    This has been said, I know, but the floor is so awesome.
    I know exactly what you’re talking about with the onions.. I can’t even smell raw onion without gagging. The same goes with garlic. Cooked way down or in powdered form they are fine, though.

  7. Betsy says:

    I love real linoleom and that looks awsome! Are you going to keep it?

  8. amy k. says:

    wow, cool lino! if you don’t keep it, don’t toss it, the rebuilding center would kill for that stuff. . .
    and I am going to help you out and finish the random things meme for you. Here’s what I have gathered about you in almost 2 years I have know you in person:
    1. the most excited I have seen you about ANYTHING, to date, was when I was telling you about that milkshake place downtown.
    2. you are big liar. like about not speaking japanese for instance, and surely many more things than that.
    3. you had a blog about donuts. is this right? did I make this up?
    4. you love supertramp! okay, the world knows this now!
    5. last one, cause you already gave us 2, you are totally and completely un-star-struck. I think Brad Pitt could pee in your bathroom and you’d not even notice. You’d probably yell at him to wash his hands.
    you’re welcome.

  9. Rita says:

    Lino is very “in” again right now. That floor’s a keeper if its in good shape. If not, keep the good parts and make floor mats or place mats or cover a table, etc. Fun! And good luck on your new kitchen redo.

  10. Sil says:

    Heck girl, we both went to Berkeley and YOU NEVER even got a contact high walking home from class?
    That lino is great! If it’s not staying, try to salvage that. It looks like a quilt to me.

  11. Cat says:

    That’s some fancy linoleum! I love that good old stuff. I redid my office — tore out ugly carpet to discover floral linoleum. It’s so fun!

  12. Geek Sewing says:

    Un-star-struck? Well, we can’t say that about your linoleum.

  13. marielle says:

    I love the linoleum – is it salvageable, or will you have to replace it with something else?
    I’m with you all the way on onions, and I’m particularly miffed when raw onions make an appearance in guacamole. I have, however, been drunk more times than I care to remember, but hey, I was young and it was the punk-rock era 🙂

  14. samm says:

    Very very interesting quilted flooring! And you don’t have to know a thing about construction, long as someone who’s doing the work does! You know lots of things that they don’t, I’d bet. Like sewing and knitting… and cooking…. Just take your yarn into another quieter place in the house and come back when the kitchen is done!! Wishing you patience with the whole thing,

  15. Delf says:

    Yup, “knob and tube”.
    The knobs are the insulating knobs that help the wire turn corners. There are two upper-center in your picture. The tubes are the ceramic tubes lining the holes the wires use to go through those ceiling joists.
    The idea is that instead of wrapping the two wires in insulating rubber and then running them through a single hole (like that piece of wire at bottom left,) you leave the wires bare but hold them in such a way that they’re always a safe distance apart.

  16. Asaknitter says:

    Wow, all the way back to the studs. Good luck with the kitchen reno.

  17. Kay says:

    I have the onion thing too. Really inconvenient. Sometimes it seems like there are raw onions on everything. The worst is when they sneak it into tuna salad and just ruin a great thing. But I chop them like crazy to put in boeuf bourgignon etc. Cook til dissolved and they are fine!
    Don’t tell Amy any more secrets. xo Kay

  18. I love that flooring! How very cool it would be to keep it.
    I’m the same way with onions. In fact, I have such a bad reaction to them when I cut them, that buy Trader Joe’s chopped onions to use in my cooking.

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