give me cupcakes

I think I have a warped sense of appropriate sweets consumption. I have been craving cupcakes for a couple weeks now but haven’t succumbed (the truth is I’ve been too lazy to go buy some), so I pat myself on the back like I’m being good, but hello, today I had French silk pie, yesterday I had ice cream, and before that I ate a box full of pastries and pie from Grand Central. This is my normal dessert diet.
Anyway, I got to meet a little baby today. I don’t have much experience with these wee creatures, so I was a little freaked out when it came time to hold her, but you know, she is so good and sweet and cute. Who knew babies could be so fascinating! And mom says she is tired, but she looks really great.
In superbuzzy news, we got in some all-cotton woven terry cloth and some knit pointelle. I am going a little crazy over the strawberry pointelle:

strawberry knit.JPG

Here’s a gander at a couple of the terries:
apple terry.JPGhedgehog terry.JPG
The intrepid Mrs. H is heading over here right now to pick up some terry cloth. She is going to fashion a little outfit for one of her granddaughters (from a pattern from the 1960s or something). You can be sure I will get a photo of it!
The basement is literally full of boxes of fabric, so there’s lots of new inventory coming! Happy sewing, everyone.

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5 Responses to give me cupcakes

  1. megan says:

    i can’t wait to see your basement!! what if i knock you out and steal stuff?? oh wait, too much luggage for the plane, never mind 🙂

  2. alison says:

    I discovered a new cupcake shop in my neighbourhood recently. (Some may call it a “bakery,” but to me it’s a cupcake shop.) You must come and visit.

  3. Geek Sewing says:

    Pointelle? Be still my heart!

  4. Daphne says:

    What the heck is pointelle? Do I need some? I think I need some?
    Also: Your dessert schedule is a bit like mine. I think I only had a couple of pieces of candy yesterday… oh no wait, I had a donut! and I was congratulating myself on not having dessert. ha.
    And also this: want to swap places? I need to get closer to my nephews.

  5. Alison says:

    I’ve seen the photos of you with the mama and you looked very natural 🙂
    mmmm deserts, now that would be nice.

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