wedding bells and bellies

I did not turn on my computer once this weekend! Saturday I attended and helped out at a friend’s daughter’s wedding, so I was only home for a couple of hours (I helped in the morning, the ceremony was in the afternoon, and the reception was in the evening). It was a beautiful wedding and went off without a hitch. One interesting part of the wedding was the Lithuanian wedding cake, also known as the “horny cake.” You can see why (the cheesecake is for those who like their pastries without spikey protrusions):
horny cake and cheesecake.JPG
I didn’t taste it myself, but one guy I asked said it was not terribly delicious. It was shipped from the midwest somewhere and arrived entombed in bubble wrap. I imagine it’s like hardtack with icing.
So Sunday I went up to San Jose for the Desert Dance Festival, a belly dancing festival. Ha ha! Yes indeed! It was not as huge as I had anticipated, but it was still very interesting. There were many vendors selling all sorts of shiny things, and dancers shaking their appendages off on stage. The great thing was cancer-killing Megan came along with her friend Cynthia, who is a belly dancer. When Megan walked up to me, I didn’t recognize her right off because of her chemo curls. I have known Megan for over 20 years, and she has always had straight, fine hair. Now she has curls. You might be able to tell if she weren’t making a silly face here during our nice, leisurely lunch at Il Fornaio:
desertdance megan and cynthia.JPG
And here’s Cynthia “trying on” a costume:
desertdance cynthia.JPG
It was a long day, but you only live once, right?

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3 Responses to wedding bells and bellies

  1. stinkerbell says:

    Love that costume! And the cheesecakes were gorgeous (then again I have a thing for lilies).

  2. Silvia says:

    Horny cake? At a wedding? Odd…
    I wonder what’s up with Megan’s curliness? Is that common after losing all your hair? Cute pix of those crazy kids though…do you really shake your groove thing Miss M?

  3. karen says:

    The Norwegians have weird wedding cakes like that, too. The individual pieces remind me of Italian pizzelle cookies (is that the right word? they’re the anise-flavored things but the Norwegians don’t put anise in theirs, I don’t think.) They’re not terribly delicious but then again, the key word for most Scandanavian fare is “bland.” That reminds me of a Swedish phrase book for tourists that I have. They actually supply with you with the phrase for “Can I have something bland?” Using cinnamon is a big deal for Swedes…(“ooh, this is spicy!”)

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