is it october yet?

I know it is not yet October, but lately I have been all fidgety with thoughts of Halloween. I even had to go to two stores yesterday to see if they had Halloween candy, and today I went to another store to check. So far I haven’t seen anything very interesting except for orange-colored Kit Kat bars (I picked up the bag but didn’t buy it because they wanted $3.19 for a little bag. Highway robbery!). All I bought were these:
halloween candy.JPG
Yup, peanut butter and chocolate wafers, bursting with hydrogenated oils (this is why I have mixed feelings about nutritional labels and ingredient lists). These are from Palmer, the company that makes Twin Bings!
What I have been fantasizing about are treat-sized Nerds Rope. Wouldn’t that be great? Unfortunately, I don’t think they exist. I have seen mini boxes of Nerds, but no Nerds Rope.
Have you seen any interesting Halloween goodies out there yet? Do tell.

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  1. stinkerbell says:

    I am not sure I will find the halloween candy over here this year (I am in Paris and from what I have been told they dont GET the holiday. Whats not to get about giving me free candy?)
    So you enjoy the candy corn etc for me mkay!

  2. Anke says:

    The halloween craze didn’t hit Germany until maybe two or three years ago. Now even Milka (I’m not sure you have this brand in the states) makes halloweencandy…fistsized chocolate pumpkins with a (toy) surprise inside. HARIBO-bats made out of black licorice and wine gums (That’s actually a classic. They made them before anybody in Germany even knew what Halloween was.). Funny thing is – German kids don’t really go trick or treating. Sometimes you see a small group of kids in bigger cities (like Hamburg and Berlin) – but always accompanied by an adult.
    But no candy corn over here either.
    – Sigh –

  3. carolyn says:

    so far just the normal candy corn/pumpkins/etc mallow cremes. nothin’ snazzy yet.

  4. Beth says:

    I have been reading your blog for a while and I am wondering how in the world you stay so slim eating so much high calorie food???? 🙂 What’s your secret? Beth

  5. Leanne says:

    I love love love halloween here. Im originally from Australia, where we really don’t do the whole trick-or-treat thing and we certainly never get lollies like you do here.
    I love heading to the stores during this time of year to marvel over the transformation of all the different well-known brands like mnms and hersheys etc. And everyone loves a little candy corn right?

  6. Pamelalala says:

    Gosh, down here in Texas the grocery stores had the Halloween candy aisle up 3 weeks ago! I’ll be honest, haven’t gone down them yet. I always end up with a cart full of bite sized candy fun! But now that I hear about those poor people that don’t get to experience it, well, heck, I’M HITTING THE CANDY AISLE FOR THEM TODAY!! It’s the least I can do!

  7. Katie says:

    halloween candy is everywhere here in AR! ive nearly fainted from excitement

  8. chris says:

    Mmmmmm, Halloween candy . . . my fave, which seems to be only available here in TX, is treat-sized Chik-O-Stix. Never heard of a Chik-O-Stik? Well, contrary to popular childhood belief, it’s not made of chicken. Nope, it’s more like a butterfinger without the chocolate, and with a teensy bit of toasted coconut on the outside. Yum! It’s stick-to-your-teeth-goodness!

  9. kathi says:

    aloha mariko-
    the mall i work in has a store(a whole store) that specializes in whatever the current holiday is…it’s been halloween since august! i found a pez-like dispenser that dispenses smarties and smarties gum(skeleton, ghost, etc). i found orange pumpkin shaped peeps with a chocolate filling. and those mini chick-o-stiks which are totally yum. i plan on stopping by there this weekend to find more…if you’d like some of those smarties dispensers, let me know.

  10. Stephanie says:

    No terribly interesting Halloween candy, but I did discover a new way to eat Candy Corn 😀 I do lots of hiking, and it turns out candy corn, mixed with peanuts (while it looks mighty wierd) tastes very much like a payday! I like mixing dry roasted peanuts with honey roasted peanuts and then adding candy corn to the mix – don’t store it together or the peanuts go stale 🙁
    On another note, I’ve been having an amazing wierd craving for Haw Flakes and can’t find em anywhere here – I checked the local asian market already 🙁

  11. Jenny says:

    I’m a Halloween fanatic (I’ve already boughten some Halloween goodies and socks.) I’ve yet to see mini nerds ropes myself. Though Wonka is often a leader at creating great bags of trick or treat candies. I’ll keep an eye out for them b/c they would be delicious!

  12. angela says:

    I’ve seen tons of goodies, but they’re in Europe!
    ang =)

  13. Hannah says:

    Someone gave me some long nerds ropes the other day to welcome me to my new job. Not sure where she got them, but they’re fun and yummy. 🙂

  14. ang says:

    eep! I have only been taking pics of people and buildings. I’ll try to work in some food shots for you.

  15. fillyjonk says:

    Yup, candy’s up here. (Oklahoma)
    I found a big big bag of those peanut butter toffee kisses (which most people seem to hate but I love) last week. Most of the stuff is just mini-sized or orange-wrapped standard candy, but the cool stuff is gradually trickling in.
    Heck, the Wal*Mart near me has Christmas stuff up already. Just decorations for now, but I’m just waiting for the day they put out those yummy chewy mint candies – the ones with the Christmas tree in the center (I forget what exactly they are called – holiday chews? holiday mint toffees?)

  16. Bethany says:

    … There’s really no way to convey drooling over a typepad, is there? Anyway, I am. I actually just finished a whole flat of pumpkin peeps (which, by the way, are delicious and fascinating when roasted over a campfire).
    I haven’t seen them in stores, but I know they make Nerds ropes in miniature; they gave them out in the kids packs in some theaters for a while. Happy hunting!

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