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Hey, so some of you asked about pattern information for Gash. When you buy yarn for a sweater from Artfibers, they offer you a free custom pattern! To your specifications and gauge! I just told them what sort of style I wanted, and they plugged in my size and gauge, and out popped a pattern. Here’s the title of the pattern, verbatim:
“Regular length Fitted Waist Cardigan with Moss St Band and None front bands
Set-in shoulder with 3/4 length Moderate Taper sleeves with Moss St Band
Round (crew) front neck and Shallow back neck with Crochet Edge collar”
So, if you buy the yarn and want the same style, ask for that title, and they can probably work one up for you! They give you options for the front edges of the cardigan and neckline. I did moss stitch for the front bands and two rows of single crochet for the neckline. If you would like more details, or if you contact Artfibers and they need more info, let me know!

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4 Responses to Gash pattern info

  1. Jacqueline says:

    Ohhh – if only Artfibers was closer! But the cost of the airfare from Melbourne to San Francisco would make any project worth it’s weight in gold. My boyfriend is in the US at the moment and I would love to give him requests – but not even he is going to San Fran. Maybe oneday!

  2. Rachael says:

    That’s our ArtFibers! But honestly, doll, you made that pattern YOURS. It’s marvellous. Good on you. (And no, not sure yet if we’ll really get down there, but I’ll call you iffen we do….)

  3. elizabeth says:

    a huge name for a beautiful sweater! it looks terrific!

  4. Kira from Artfibers says:

    Gash turned out lovely, m’dear. I’ve already sent yarn and a pattern for something similar to Hawaii and had a visitor from New Zealand in to check out the Kyoto, thanks to your fabulous sweater.

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