Megan’s new boyfriend

My friend Megan went to Argentina and picked up a German expat:


Super foxy chocolatey!

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9 Responses to Megan’s new boyfriend

  1. Sil says:

    How cute! An inflatable Kinderegg and Megan is adorable too – even though she’s not inflatable.

  2. I am a huge Kinderegg fan and right now I am very jealous of Megan.

  3. carolyn says:

    That bitch is lookin’ H-O-T, hot. Is she coming to Portland when I am? (pretty please)

  4. Kay says:

    Is that a Speedo, though?
    xo Kay

  5. Is there a toy inside?

  6. madmommy says:

    Kindereggs rock!

  7. megan says:

    Not only is “Kinder” hot, but you should’ve seen his counterpart…why didn’t I get a pic with that one too??? Lame that I actually chose the foxy chocolate over the hot Argentinian.

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  9. Ellen says:

    Kindereggs were a highlight to my backpacking experience. I bought one everywhere I went, and I’ve kept all the little toys too! Never did manage to score a smurf though…..which bums me out to this very day!

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