candy interlude

I thought I’d throw another candy post in here before listing my christmas shopping guide (I have to tell you about one place right now, though. Remember those cute miniature clay donuts and sushi? Well, Amy has launched Amyville, her online shop of goodies! They would make great Christmas gifts).
So anyway, yesterday I took my father to Edelweiss, the German deli with the wall o’ chocolate. We also went to a Serbian deli that has some chocolates and treats (but the Ritter Sport bars there cost a good 60 cents MORE than at Edelweiss. What’s up with that?). My father kept asking me if I didn’t need more candy to take back to California. Here’s a smattering of the candy I’ve gathered (some of this is for others. Yes, I can share sometimes):
A couple people were curious about the green tea marshmallows. I got those at the Asian market (I can’t name it because it’s NOT the one where my mother works). They have this green tea goo inside. They were a bit too perfumy tasting for me, but they are definitely interesting.
And a final candy discovery–did you know there are watermelon-flavored Tootsie Pops? They had them in the giant candy jars in the lobby of the hotel where Carolyn stayed (and NO, that’s not why I recommended this particular hotel). They come in a beautiful green wrapper.

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  1. maggi says:

    Yum! That’s my fave Jolly Rancher flavor, and I’m also partial to watermelon Jelly Bellies. Are the Pops green, too? They don’t need another red one. Wee C & I were trading cherry & (original) raspberry ones recently after Halloween, though there is now a blue raspberry one as well (what’s up with that?)~

  2. carolyn says:

    i still have to taste that nerds rope and decide whether it freaks me out too much
    nerds remind me of pop rockets and remember how they told us if you weren’t careful those could cause your brain to explode…

  3. claudia says:

    You are to carolyn what the dealer is to the crack ho…..Just sayin’.

  4. freecia says:

    They have those filled marshmellows at Genki in SF. Next time you go on a run to SF for yarn, you might consider stopping in at Genki market. There’s lots and lots of Japanese candy there. 🙂

  5. Alison says:

    Ok – carolyn – the Nerd Ropes are TOTALLY good! And for everyone else – the stuff from Amyville is so cool! They are so totally my favorite thing! You should all check them out – she makes such amazing things!

  6. J Strizzy says:

    So you’re bringing candy back to CA, and you’re willing to share, hmm…?

  7. Silvia says:

    Did you know the candy selection at the Walgreen’s in Union Square SF is INCREDIBLE! They have all the Euro candy (the Rittersport are much cheaper than at Cost Plus) plus all the us goodies. Heaven!

  8. Illanna says:

    Mmmmm I love those chocolates with the cornflakes inside. Good stuff!

  9. Melanie says:

    I keep thinking about that watermelon Tootsie Pop. And I don’t even like lollipops. (I always bite them and then, what’s the point?)
    I had lots of fun on Sunday!

  10. lisac says:

    Serbian deli in Portland! You have to share the name of that one!

  11. rachel says:

    thanks for the amyville link. i’ve placed my first order!

  12. stinkerbell says:

    yup I knew about those tootsie pops! fruity flaovored and I am all over it.
    green tea things sound interesting in a its green and I didnt know what it was but like green kind of tasting way.
    as for Rittersport you are missing my all time favorite (and harder to find than youthink even over here) the dark chocolate and marzipan. I might not like dark chocolate but it fits the bill here.
    And the question of the day- do you like Cassis?? Yes I am purposefully hunting for information 🙂

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