peanut buttery goodness

Today I baked Santa’s Surprise Cookies that I learned about at Anh-Minh’s site. If you like peanut butter and Snickers, you must try them. Essentially, they are peanut butter cookies with a Snickers Miniature* inside! The closeup is a bit fuzzy, but hopefully you’ll get the idea:
snickers cookies.JPG
It was a little time consuming wrapping the dough around each Miniature, but it was kind of like playing with Play-doh, and that’s always fun (it did not, however, SMELL like Play-doh).
*What idiot came up with the idea of these “miniature” candies? As everything else in our overindulgent society becomes super-sized, why is candy getting smaller? It is a conspiracy! But maybe it’s like eating celery–remember when people used to say that you burn more calories eating celery than you consume? Well, unwrapping each little Miniature is rather tedious and labor intensive, so maybe you burn an equal amount of calories as each Miniature? Delusion is setting in …

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