Sanuki udon

When we were in Japan last month, we visited a friend in Okayama, who drove us across the Seto-Ohashi (aka big-ass bridge) to Kagawa Prefecture, the smallest prefecture in Japan. Kagawa is known for its noodles, namely udon! Supposedly Kagawa has about 700 independently owned noodle shops. Woohoo!

The udon noodles are made with a “special” (Japan is all about “special” things) flour that is the magic behind the toothsome texture of the noodles. Our friend told us that in the school cafeterias they serve udon instead of rice. That’s crazy talk! Anyway, we went to one noodle shop, and it wasn’t insanely crowded as it usually is. You order by size and then go with hot-hot (hot noodles and hot broth), cold-hot (cold noodles and hot broth), and so on. It’s super cheap and yes, super delicious.

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4 Responses to Sanuki udon

  1. Jan says:

    A favorite Japan memory from one of my first trips was when our hosts pulled off the highway, excited to have us visit this particular rest area that featured a variety of *special* eel products. I still laugh when I remember thinking that I was misunderstanding something. I wasn’t!

  2. Alma says:

    My mouth is watering!

  3. Udon at school?!?! Soooooooo lucky!!

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