Matcha parfait

Delicious matcha parfait from Toki in Osaka. The place specializes in matcha treats and is located in some “gourmet” underground restaurant area in the JR Osaka station. I have been dreaming about this place since I first went there several years ago.

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4 Responses to Matcha parfait

  1. Lydia says:

    That looks delicious… Do I see beans and bean paste, whipped cream, lychee, and matcha ice cream? Well, whatever, I’d like one of those.

  2. oh that is incredible looking. yum yum!!

  3. Seanna Lea says:

    That looks amazing! I made mochi this summer (my ice cream wrapping technique needs work), and it was a lot of fun and green tea ice cream is super delicious!

  4. carolyn says:

    Oh my. Osaka, I must go.

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