where in the world is berkeley?

The basenji 500

Some of you have expressed interest in the fate of Berkeley. We had Berkeley for nearly two months, yet he and Deedle continued to have issues. He would incessantly harass her, and she would get ticked off. There was a lot of snarking. I thought I could figure out a way to help them overcome their differences, and I was ready to seek outside help, but then I went on vacation and left Peter to deal with the disgruntled duo. In addition to driving one another crazy, they drove Peter crazy. He called BRAT (Basenji Rescue and Transport, a really great organization. In fact, we adopted Deedle through BRAT), and they immediately set up a meeting and a drop-off, and it was bye bye, Berkeley.
I called Berkeley’s foster mother when I got back from Australia, and I learned he is doing well and will soon be rehomed to a home with no other pets. He is a good little guy, but he had never had any training, and he was pretty undisciplined and wild. We were committed to keeping him, but unfortunately, the situation was getting almost dangerous for Deedle. I feel pretty guilty about it, but you know, I look at Deedle now, and she is so happy to be rid of Berkeley that I don’t feel as badly as I probably should!
sunworshipper deedle.JPG

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  1. Laura says:

    Oh! heh Glad he’s found a new family – hopefully things will work out great for him in the new place. And he won’t be a stress for poor Deedle any more! 🙂

  2. Daphne says:

    This sounds like a happy ending for everyone.

  3. debbie says:

    guess everything worked out for the better, and each dog wins in the end, not to mention a home without contention – that must feel good!

  4. Rae says:

    If only it were as easy to resolve similar issues with my 3 kids! The oldest has never quite gotten over the addition of his younger brothers, and I’m sure he regularly plots to get rid of them : ) Sometimes I’m tempted to boot one or even all of them, but it’s a little more difficult to explain missing children…

  5. Ani says:

    Glad it worked out for everyone.

  6. jess says:

    we had to rehome a cat, it felt awful but all worked out in the end. So pleased Deedle is happy again.

  7. gleek says:

    i’m glad to hear that berkeley will at least go to another home without pets! sounds like he HAD to be king of the hill. deedle looks pleased 🙂

  8. Peggy says:

    Oh, I’m sorry to hear about Berkeley. And I thought B and Deedle had settled in together, but they sound like my two. Seven years on, my older female still would prefer the younger male live in, say, Outer Mongolia–or at the very least the garden shed–and the younger male still gets in her face. (I don’t have a life, I have basenjis!) I’ll bet Madame Deedle is feeling pretty smug these days.

  9. Sandee says:

    I’m glad it all worked out. Deedle looks muy content!

  10. persephone says:

    I have had to find a new home for one of my dogs (and her new owner sends me great pictures of her, and how happy she is), and also for my ferret (who lives on a farm and is VERY happy). Sometimes your animals have to pick you, not the other way around.

  11. alison says:

    Oh, poor B. He’ll find a happy home, and Deedle does look pretty zen-like having the house back to normal!

  12. Silvia says:

    Well you tried and it didn’t work. No regrets and he’ll get a home that works for him. All ends well.

  13. Gina says:

    I think you gave it a sporting chance, and I’m glad to hear that Deedle is relaxed in her home again. Hopefully, Berkeley will be a very cool only dog to someone.

  14. freecia says:

    Deedle looked huge on that couch until I resized the photo. It is a loveseat, right?
    Those basenji’s sure can move!

  15. gabrielle says:

    Don’t feel guilty! I had the same situation with a cat, and she went to a much better home that could give her the attention she needed. Looking forward to hearing more about Australia!

  16. Stephanie says:

    oh – sorry to hear about Berkley!
    I had a similar situation with a cat 🙁 We tried and tried but sometimes it’s just not ment to be.
    Sounds like all is working out well 🙂
    Deedle looks so peaceful!

  17. monica says:

    I’m sure Berkeley will be placed in a great home that will be perfect for him. Deedle does look very calm in that photo–like she’s getting some well-deserved rest.

  18. drh says:

    Sounds like Berkeley finding another home is the best conclusion for everyone, including Berkeley himself.

  19. Jennifer says:

    It sounds like you did the right thing for everyone involved. Good for Peter for thinking to call BRAT to have him relocated. I didn’t know about these animal rescues. Brilliant concept.

  20. Oiyi says:

    Oh, how sad. I am sure Deedle is very happy. I just brought home a new puppy 4 days ago and Napoleon is jealous. They keep play/fighting and the noise drives me insane. People keep telling me that they will adjust eventually. I am crossing my fingers.

  21. Carol says:

    Oh, that’s too bad Berkeley (nee Barkley?) didn’t work out…but I’m glad Deedle is happy again. What a cutie she is! And hopefully Berkeley will find a great home where he will be the top (and only) dog!

  22. Celia says:

    That is one contented basenji!

  23. Rebecca says:

    aww – Deedle looks so content… so beautiful.

  24. Julie says:

    Don’t feel guilty. Especially if it was a potentially dangerous situation for Deedle (or Berkeley). I have a friend whose family had a black Lab and a springer spaniel. The two of them fought and got in each others’ faces all the time, until a few months ago, the Lab injured the spaniel to the point where she died the next day. 🙁 I can’t even imagine what that would be like.
    It’s good that both Deedle and Berkeley will now have homes where they don’t have any competition for dominance or love and affection!

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