sausage on wheels

I live in a small, laughably un-diverse community, but every six weeks, I get a dose of German culture when the German food truck guy comes rolling into town. Yes, this guy drives down from the Bay Area with his refrigerated truck full of German foodstuffs–sausages of every type, rye bread, pickles and sauerkraut, cheeses, jams, and Ritter chocolate. You think I’m kidding?
german food.JPG
See that woman in the skirt? That’s Cathy. She’s 85 years old, and we attend the same exercise class (she can do straight arm pushups). She is the one who introduced me to the glory of the German food truck. She buys 30 Ritter chocolate bars every time the truck comes. I now have a freezer stocked with sausages. They should last until June 10, don’t you think?

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12 Responses to sausage on wheels

  1. Christine says:

    Ritter Sport bar delivery??? You live in the best town ever!
    BTW, should you ever find yourself in an Arab grocery (they probably only exist in Detroit…and the Middle East) you can buy Kinder Eggs in the candy aisle.

  2. Kathleen in Germany says:

    God what I wouldn’t do for a truck full of Little Debbies and Peanut Butter Captain Crunch to drive into my neighborhood every six weeks!! Enjoy the sausages!

  3. claudia says:

    MMMmmmm. You are speaking of my food heritage there….

  4. Gabrielle says:

    That truck sounds awesome! There’s nothing like good German supplies~ It looks so covert – like you are all buying contraband from him ;->

  5. Chelee says:

    Sausage is such a weak spot in my diet. And chocolate….

  6. Sonja says:

    Oh, what I would give for a German delivery truck! My aunt brings us the good stuffs once in awhile from the Bay Area to my German mama. We all peck around to see what she brought like starved piggies. 🙂

  7. elizabeth says:

    Where in the bay area does he come from? Where is this German goodness that I’m obviously missing? For German eats in SF proper, have you been to Suppenkuche in Hayes valley? Yummy german goodness. I’ve heard that Walzwerk is good too. Coming from detroit area I don’t think the Arab places in SF compare, but I’m biased. And there is only one Polish restaurant in the whole city of SF! But it’s good… Old Krakow. My dad & I go there at least once everytime he visits. Nothing like hearty Pierogi & Kielbasa to help fend off the cold July SF fog. 😛

  8. Bruce says:

    Boy, the Germans sure can make the best of the wurst!!!

  9. megan says:

    A big LOL to Bruce!! I’m coming for sausage and slipper lessons as soon as I can drive for 3 hours straight!! Get ready!!

  10. susan in pa says:

    My husband would be in heaven with a German food delivery!! How fun!

  11. Ingrid says:

    Mmmm. Bring mir bitte eine Wurst! I have a little stash of Ritter Sport I’ve been conserving from my last few trips to Germany. I can sometimes get them in Harvard Square, but they always seem cheaper and tastier when I can buy them “direct.”

  12. Amy says:

    How fun! Here in San Diego, we have a tamale guy that comes by once a week. Yum — homemade tamales wrapped in cornhusks!

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