Ay, there’s the rub

I made a dry rub for some chunks of pork today, but I don’t think I completely grasp the concept of the dry rub. It worked, and the meat cooked, but AIYAA, MAMA, SO HOT & SPICY. Yup. Burned our mouths off. The leftovers are salvageable, I think. I shall slice them up and use it in pasta or something.
Conceding to the airlines and their very sneaky ways of upping the prices by hundreds of dollars at the drop of a hat, I looked once again for tickets to Portland. I pretty much decided on a ticket that would put my arrival late at night, but then I went to the Powell’s Books site and noticed that Jonathan Lethem, the author of the achingly funny and wonderful Motherless Brooklyn, will be speaking that very same day. I might have to find another flight arrival time so I can go hear him!
Not much knitting to report. I reverted back to the circular needles for the Becky Wannabe sweater. It’s slow going. One knitting tidbit, though. I sent some photos of my ChicKami and other ChicKnit items to Bonne Marie of ChicKnits fame, and she said she will post them on her site on Saturday!

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  1. Amy says:

    Regarding airfares — we ran into the same thing when trying to book our flight to Portland in early August. Outrageous fares all through June & July; we finally got a decent fare (somewhere around $200) right before the 14-day window closed.
    I love live events at Powells! I saw Ally Sheedy (High Art, St. Elmo’s Fire) there years ago; she’d just had a volume of poetry published and did a live reading. She’s much taller in real life (about 5’8″). Quite surprising!

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