time to stripe

I have completed 74 rows on the Becky Wannabe Sweater (to see a photo, go to the Blue Blog), so now it’s time to start the striped section:
becky prestripe.jpg
Dede had an emergency today. She got 5 foxtails up her little schnoz. It was karma, I think, because she was messing around by the grapes in the backyard, and she knows she’s really not supposed to do that. In Japanese there is a phrase, “Bachi ga ataru,” which basically means if you do something you know you shouldn’t, it’s going to come back to haunt you. I heard that phrase all the freakin’ time from my mother, and she was always right. Poor Chunkster Melonhead had to spend the whole day at the vet. First they had to “empty her stomach” because of course she ate breakfast RIGHT before the foxtail incident, then they had to anesthetize her to extract these (WARNING: GRAPHIC PHOTO TO FOLLOW):
One last thing: HotWire rules! I was getting panicky because the price of plane tickets was going up DAILY. I checked all the online ticketing places, and finally I grew desperate enough to try HotWire, which is like Priceline in that you have to commit to a purchase before knowing the flight times. I was scared I was going to get all 6am flights, but it worked out really well, and I ended up saving $84!! The only drawback is I won’t get to see Jonathan Lethem read at Powell’s.

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4 Responses to time to stripe

  1. Taya says:

    Sorry about Deedles! Foxtails are evil, evil things. I was just reading an article about them tonight by a vet in SB and I was telling Jon how lucky we were with Abby. The whole article was about how excrutiating the experience is for dogs.
    Can’t wait until you get to PDX. We are very egg-cited.

  2. Shirley says:

    Gee, I’m Japanese but my mother never said that to us when we were growing up! Mostly just why can’t you be more like so-and-so (usually my brothers) or when we were little – evil spirits will get you (if you’re not being good).
    Sorry to hear about your dog. Foxtails are quite the evil little devils designed to go and hang on in one direction! Usually they end up in dogs with long floppy ears but then…I guess they can end most any place (usually in people’s socks).

  3. greta says:

    Poor puppy!
    Love your site, should have commented WAAAAY before now, but when I saw your ensemble at
    Bonne Marie’s I just had to check in and say
    My daughter is in culinary school and gives a big thumbs UP every time I show her one of your recipes 🙂
    She said when they do the rub they use cheesecloth…does this make sense to you?

  4. Leigh says:

    Poor Dede–those foxtails look pretty nasty.
    That’s a great phrase–I think I’ll try it out on my kids sometime.

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