I, Shrinkwrapped

Peter is planning to spray the first coat onto the house tomorrow, so today he and Jon (Hedi’s hubby) masked and covered all the windows with plastic. I feel like I am in my own little biosphere right now!
Today I went to a local gourmet cookware store that is going out of business. The proprietor, a very nice woman, couldn’t make ends meet (we live in WalMart heaven around here), so she is shutting down and moving to Michigan to be closer to family. Everything was on sale, so I got some gadgets and stuff, including some ramekins (I can finally make proper creme brulee!), a jar lifter (in case I want to can), and these:
kitchen tools.jpg
I must confess I bought the lime squeezer primarily because I liked the color.
I am finishing up the top ribbing on the ChicKami, and I should finish the whole shebang tonight or tomorrow! Woohoo! I hope the thing fits. If it doesn’t, well, that won’t be anything new. After this, I will resume knitting on the Becky Wannabe Sweater. I just received my 4mm straight Addi Turbo needles from JKL Needles, so I’m good to go. I want to get it finished before my trip to Portland, OR, at the end of September.
It’s good to hear I am not the only a) sucker for marketing and packaging, and b) one who was disappointed with the groovy M&Ms. Speaking of falling for ads, does anyone else totally want one of those new PaperMate pens based on the commercial with the flight attendant loaning her pen to some passenger then going to his house in the rain to retrieve it? The look of joy on her face when she gets her pen back made me want to run out to the nearest office supply store to buy one. Wanna hear something really sick? Today I went to the PaperMate web site to figure out the exact model of that pen. It looks like a regular ball point pen, so it will probably be a disappointment, but hey, the dream still lives!

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  1. Katherine says:

    I’m another sucker for clever marketing ploys and bright colors…like a moth drawn to the light.
    You can try your ChicKami on now. Since you’re already split into front and back, putting those on two separate needles, you should be able to put it over your head. This way you’ll be able to know when your straps are just long enough.

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