alotta chocolatta

I am well aware that Targ*t is an evil corporation, and I know Megan is going to beat me for going there, but what’s a weak-willed gal to do when said corporation decides to introduce a mega line of chocolates? I mentioned Choxie before when I bought a couple items, but hey, they were on sale last week, so I went and grabbed some more:

choxie more.JPG
Did I mention that I’m thinking about trying to cut back on my sugar intake? At least all this Choxie isn’t just for me!

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6 Responses to alotta chocolatta

  1. Kim says:

    Not sure I understand why Target is evil.

  2. KD:) says:

    Yes, inquiring minds wish to know! I lurve my Target but if it has some evilness I should know. At least it’s better than Walmart, I suppose!

  3. KD:) says:

    What I meant was, if Target is evil, I have as moral responsibility to know about it, so I will try not to cover my ears!

  4. Carrie says:

    I was wondering about the Target comment too… Please enlighten us.

  5. elizabooth says:

    Hey, at least you have the option of Target. There are no Targets here in Canada — just Walmarts and Zellers, which is a Canadian store that carries a few of the Target brands. But no Choxie, which is a shame, because it looks delicious!!

  6. Nilloc says:

    Targette is evil just like Waljunk, only they pay their marketing department to do more than just cleanup public relations disasters.

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