el norte

My friend Wendy and I ventured north to IKEA yesterday. Peter was very jealous because we took the Sprinter, and he is obsessed as all get-out with Sprinters.

ikea sprinter.JPG

We stopped in Chehalis, Washington, at the Kit Carson restaurant for breakfast:
ikea kit carson.JPG
I love pictures of food, but if you don’t, well, sorry, but there’s another one coming up!
We were sufficiently fueled up for our long stretch at IKEA. As you can see, we did some damage:
ikea stuff.JPG
It’s not just that one cart in the middle; our stuff takes up THREE carts (one regular shopping cart and two of the flatbed ones).
We needed energy for the drive back:
ikea meatballs.JPG
Unfortunately, they did not have princess cake. What’s up with that? We did buy some of those Anna’s ginger thins and some raspberry cookies, so I guess we were okay. We got back just in time to watch Lost!

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14 Responses to el norte

  1. santos. says:

    wow, that’s a crazy amount of carbo-liciousness. i can just make out in the first food photo that’s a biscuit mountain next to the home fries, but what’s the hovering spaceship over the ikea meatballs

  2. Jan says:

    That wouldn’t all be trick photography, would it?

  3. Susan says:

    oh, I love Lost! I’ve just started watching the first season here in China, me and my friend watch 6 episodes a night! It’s going well, I’m very nervous…

  4. Amy says:

    I love Ikea. Swedish meatballs! Woo hoo!

  5. carolyn says:

    such a tiny skinny girl. yet such a big eater. it’s quite the paradox.

  6. Kate says:

    Ikea’s a bit different over here. A bit less well-stocked, and the food is MUCH smaller!! It’s fabled here as a place you go, pick what you want, find it’s out of stock, get really cheesed off and then go home with lots of really cheap rubbish you didn’t want. My house is full of Ikea stuff (all we can afford, sob), but I have to negotiate v. carefully for a trip!!

  7. Heidi says:

    Oh my, I have always found the IKEA meatballs to be pretty nasty! You are brave.
    But the other stuff is good.

  8. amineko says:

    i don’t know what those swedes are doing with princess cakes. may be they ran out of the (food) color green so they have to halt production.

  9. Sandee says:

    You’re a great Ikea shopper! I love Ikea, but I get so overwhelmed in their store that I usually end up leaving with nothing! 🙁 The meatballs looked kind of scary, but I bet they were tasty!

  10. Dana says:

    The swedish meatballs are the bomb! Yay Ikea!!

  11. Silvia says:

    Gosh, I hope that commentor above chastising you about eating meat on YOUR OWN BLOG just has a very bad sense of humor…
    I too love the IKEA food, meatballs and little red potatoes are yummy. The apple cake is a good sub for princess cake. Now go make nice with those allen wrenches.

  12. Megan says:

    You went all the way to Seattle for IKEA? Wow. I was just there this weekend, but I only had to drive about 15 miles! I bet you can’t wait until the Portland location opens up. Maybe they’ll have fabric, unlike Seattle.

  13. mie says:

    Hi! Just surfed in on your interesting website:-)
    Wow! The ikea portions sure are h.u.g.e. where you are. Over here, the portions are for hobbit-sized. Here’s the url (http://www.ikea.com.sg/store_services/restaurant.asp) just so you can make a comparison — the potatoes are the size of an egg and the meatballs, about slightly bigger than a quail’s egg, no fair:-(
    ANyway, njoy your food and keep those pictures coming.

  14. cherylc says:

    I drive by the exit to that IKEA on my way home every work day! I once had those meatballs and happened to get a migraine that had me doubled over in pain in the parking lot as my friend and my husband tried to decide the best way to load the furniture into the car. I still go to the IKEA but no more meatballs for me, just in case. I do wish it sold fabric.

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