desperately seeking elf

I have been packaging up superbuzzy orders as quickly as I can, but unfortunately I haven’t been very quick! Perhaps I should hire an elf. The Thanksgiving festivities got in the way a bit, but I did manage to go to the post office on Thanksgiving evening (I made my brother come with me), and I just went tonight, too. I’m still not entirely caught up, but I am hoping to get all current orders packaged up on Sunday and in the mail on Monday (assuming it doesn’t snow or do something crazy). Hope everyone had a nice and relaxing holiday!

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2 Responses to desperately seeking elf

  1. Pam says:

    I have three elves I can loan out. They are almost done cleaning my house — when they are done, i’ll ship them up there. They only problem is that they eat a lot for elves.
    Little Bird (Stephanie) had a lovely photo on her blog of what a beautiful day it was yesterday in Portland. Did it ever rain? Did I completely miss out???!! I am sooo sad.

  2. MaryM says:

    You’re so great to go to heroic lengths to get the orders out like that! I bet if you promise the elves some of that nice-looking bird, there, they’ll be lined up around the block.

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