with apologies to the person in canada who doesn’t like it when I talk about superbuzzy

And also apologies to Kelly, who doesn’t like to have her photo taken, but I like taking photos with people in them, and since she was my primary companion on the trip to Japan, she got to be the featured star in most of my photos.

Final day to Narita (Small).JPG
Those of you who shop at superbuzzy are probably already aware that we posted an update to the site. The update included the products we picked up in Japan as well as some new items we will continue to stock, such as fun items from zakka master Shinzi Katoh, artist Shoko Sugiyama, and Cotton Time and other Japanese craft magazines. I’m sorry to say that we have already sold out of a lot of the new fabrics. I know it’s frustrating to miss out on fun stuff (I can’t tell you how many times I tried to get one of those Small Object clothespin people and never succeeded!). We’re trying to keep inventory stocked, but often we can only locate very limited quantities of fabric. We brought back as much as our bags could carry, and hey, my bag was so far over the overweight weight limit that the airline rep told me to repack right there! I even had to shove a bolt of fabric into my carry-on, a giant albeit unfashionable backpack.
Hope everyone’s Turkey Day preparations are going well. I got to the market this morning right when they opened at 8am, since last year I couldn’t even get into the parking lot! I wasn’t quite awake, but the employees were helpful and nice, and the guy at the meat counter even called me Miss, and I haven’t been a Miss for well over a decade, so I guess I have plenty to be thankful for! Okay, it’s time for bed.

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13 Responses to with apologies to the person in canada who doesn’t like it when I talk about superbuzzy

  1. Sasha says:

    Aaah, what did I miss? Oh crud!! You’re killing me! Will there be more updates again soon?

  2. UNFASHIONABLE BACKPACK? I gave you that nice L. L. Bean backpack, you know. Our pa told me a story about L. L. Bean today: when he was in “camp” they liked the fishing hooks that L. L. Bean sold. He ordered a dozen to give to his buddies (since they were in INTERNMENT CAMP and had nothing to do). L. L. Bean screwed up and gave him 12 dozen! He told me he didn’t mind buying things from L. L. Bean because he’s still paying them back.

  3. Melissa A. says:

    Hey, I’m in Canada and I don’t mind the superbuzzy updates!

  4. person in canada says:

    Hi, its the cranky person in Canada again.
    I went back and read the follow up comments to what I wrote about not liking the superbuzzy advertising and realized that they make a lot of sense.
    In fact, when I thought about it, what I was calling “advertising” is really just you talking about how you’re handling your shop – which is really pretty interesting to anyone involved in crafting – and that its probably more generous of you than anything else to let the public in on how running an online shop works for you. (Also, the fact that you sell out of most things makes it clear that you don’t even need the advertising.)
    So, sorry about all the nonsense.

  5. hannah says:

    i have never used so much willpower as i did last night trolling through superbuzzy. sadly, david and i just made a new budget last week and my allowance is $15 a month for food, coffee, fabric etc… ouch. ah superbuzzy, i will start saving my allowance so i can splurge on the next round!

  6. hannah says:

    ps. that kelly is so cute, and i love pictures with people in them too miss mariko.

  7. sally says:

    [1] The new fabric is/was amazing! I got everything I wanted except the zoo fabric…it disappeared once I put it in my shopping cart. =( But good job on picking out really cute prints.
    [2] You still look like a “Miss” to me.
    [3] Your brother’s comments are always so hilarious.
    [4] Happy Turkey Day!

  8. a happy reader (and customer) says:

    I’ve been reading super eggplant for years but haven’t made many comments (sorry). I just wanted to chime in and say that I love all of your posts, including the ones about Superbuzzy. If you hadn’t posted those teaser pics of the fairy tale fabric, I wouldn’t have been prepared to pounce as soon as I received the update info. My only request is – more photos of Deedle! I miss her cute face.

  9. Pam says:

    I was soooooo sad I didn’t get the Snow White Fabric or the Happy Hedgehogs. They were there when I started ordering, but I took too long getting my purse and credit card to enter in. *sniff* But I am HAPPY about getting what i’ll be getting! We were supposed to go to Portland this weekend and decided not to because of the forecast. I am tempted to go just so I can pick up my stuff NOW instead of waiting. I’m antsy!

  10. Linda says:

    It has been sooooo wonderful following yours and Kelly’s adventures in Japan. I LOOOOVE Superbuzzy too.

  11. Terry says:

    I guess it’s kinda hard to keep up w. demand sometimes, as a business. Glad though, things are going well for superbuzzy.
    What’s better to be addressed as? Miss or ma’am? I get both 🙂

  12. gleek says:

    LOOOOVE the lesportsac bag 🙂

  13. sara says:

    I hope you get more the of happy hedgehog print. I didn’t get to order any in time. (The hedgehog stuff always goes so fast!)

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