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There are quite a few really great fabric shops here in Portland, but there’s only one where I can also load up on seasonal candies and Dutch foods:

fabdepot easter candy.JPG
Peter claims Fabric Depot is “the weirdest store I have ever been in” and that it is “weirder than any of my stores” (meaning boat chandleries and hardware stores), but I say, since when is weird bad?
We just posted a big update to superbuzzy, and I am itching to get started on packaging up orders (I get a little nutty about all the pending orders). There was an odd glitch, though, that resulted in some people getting items randomly dumped into their shopping carts. So, if you placed an order, please check your confirmation e-mail and make sure everything on the order is what you wanted!

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  1. Fabric Depot is pretty amusing, but in terms of sheer weirdness it can’t top FAB IC WO LD (it is really Fabric World, but my guess is the Roosevelt Roughriders steal the R’s). It is up in N Portland at the corner Lombard and Portsmouth if you ever stumble out this way. Too bad the late lamented Value Giant in St Johns is gone now. BSharp Fabrics which caters to history re-enactors and costumers is out this way too.

  2. Ann says:

    Seriously, I am at the moment sucking on a licorice duck from Holland which I discovered right next to the worsted wool suiting fabric at the Fabric Depot. THANK YOU for showing us this most, most peculiar place. Divine! Sugary! I can’t wait for you to come to Nashville so I can get you a Goo Goo Cluster.

  3. Vespabelle says:

    Fabric World has 500 differnt types of ball fringe. (okay, maybe not 500, but more than any other store I’ve been in.)

  4. Happy Zombie says:

    I got such a kick out of this post, because I love Fabric Depot and too think it’s weird (in a good way)! Especially the 40% off fabric weekends. My addiction there is the quilting fabric, and then the delight of waiting in the check out line and finding the assortment of weird goodies (The Aisle of Odd & Assorted). The hand cream right next to the Necco Wafers which are right next to the little Dutch ceramic shoes right next to the Mike & Ikes…
    All I’ll need now is a tunnel from Fabric Depot to PDX when Ikea opens. Dreaming. I’ll have to check out this Fabric World… sounds intriguing.

  5. Annhb` says:

    Hi Mariko, I am still telling stories about fabric depot and Burgerville to everyone! Can’t get that lady’s story about fertilizing her rose bushes with her husband’s leftover frozen fish out of my head! I have been thinking about slicing the alphabet panel like the new packaging for Saks – fabric shopping from now on is going to seem so small!

  6. freecia says:

    Bring him down here to Daiso which just opened South of SF in the Serramonte Complex. A Japanese yen store in the US. That’s pretty weird.

  7. Lori says:

    I love Fabric Depot! There have been some days that I have been there two or three times… I only live 4 miles away… that might be too close. FABIC WOD (Fabric World) is also a treasure trove of things. My spouse brought home fake brick panels that you stick to your walls from there. The ball fringe assortment is incredible… as are the oddly colored zippers.

  8. Jenny says:

    Someday I will find a chandlery/fabric store/bakery. That would keep us both busy. I do love the grommets and fastners at the chandleries. Fabric and licorice-yum!

  9. Shade76 says:

    hey 🙂
    a good friend of mine told me about your blog and just wanted to drop by leaving a “waving hand”
    I was in Portland 5 months ago, and definitely like it (especially lloyd center, lol!)
    enough for now, i like your blog and be back soon 😉

  10. 'ka says:

    i visit your site couple times… i gotta say.. you’re EXTREMELY creative!!!

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