busy buzzy

I never imagined I would ever be too busy to blog, but right now I am (but actually, I’m a liar, because I’m blogging right now, aren’t I?)! I am too busy, however, to travel around with a cupcake, a cupcake housed safely inside my lovely new Cup-A-Cake cupcake holder, courtesy of the one-and-only Kay.

cupacake container.JPG
I guess I could carry it around the house, couldn’t I? I’ve been wanting one of these containers for quite some time, and now I have one. I am happy.

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12 Responses to busy buzzy

  1. Rita says:

    I’ve never seen that before! It’s the coolest thing. I don’t haul that many cupcakes around, but I might if I had that.

  2. sara says:

    Holy crap! That is the coolest little thing!

  3. cari says:

    Need help packing up orders? We’re coming to town 5/5 – 5/11. Thumper specializes in crumpling up packing paper.

  4. amy k. says:

    hey-why don’t you fill that bugger up and carry a cupcake over here? ha!

  5. Sonya says:

    You always need a cupcake holder – one for the car, one in your bag! Lucky you.

  6. lera says:

    I had one similar to that to pack cupcakes in my kids’ lunches. I have no idea whatever happened to that thing. Hmmmm.

  7. melonpan says:

    shew kewl. happiness is a cupcake that is safe from ze elements

  8. Mia says:

    in a similar vein – I found a banana guard, which keeps bananas from squashing and bruising while in transit!

  9. Cristina says:

    “Cuppacake” is the way my Italian immigrant mother says what’s supposed to go INSIDE the Cup-A-Cake.

  10. Kay says:

    Call me crazee but I think you should crochet an amigurumi cupcake (there’s a pattern in One Skein I think?) (do amigurumi have to be animals or are baked goods eligible?) and stick it in there. Objet d’art!
    Also, I’m begging you. If you can’t wear the skirt over pants look, who can? Work it! It’s so cute! Don’t let this fad pass you by!
    Ok that’s all I’ve got. xo Kay

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