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the dessert party continues

I feel about 20 pounds heavier, and I’m going to pack on some more here after I eat a big slice of this: It’s almost too pretty to eat. Ha ha ha! Yeah, right! This gorgeous cake is from the … Continue reading

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dessert fest

We had an impromptu dessert party this evening. You see, I received this incredible hand-me-down ice cream machine, and I just had to test it out: I couldn’t locate my file of ice cream recipes, so I had to search … Continue reading

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summer shift #2

First, thanks for all your barf and mole comments. They were very informative and entertaining! Mole Masters seems to be on task, so we’re hoping the moles find another yard to tunnel through! So for my final sewing project before … Continue reading

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holy mole-y

It began with one innocent mole hill. When several more made appearances, we made efforts to discourage the mole (or moles) from returning. They didn’t work. Our front yard was on the verge of caving in on itself, so we … Continue reading

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garbage skirt

Remember Penguin shirts? Well, apparently the penguin is back and in much finer form under the label Original Penguin by Munsingwear. I fell in love with a couple of skirts. The one on the left is ON SALE for $165! … Continue reading

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let’s share

I can think of two occasions on which I used motion sickness bags. One was on a flight back from Japan when I was about 10. We made it off the plane and were walking through that tube thing that … Continue reading

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touring the nw

My mother and I have been showing some out-of-town visitors around, which means the usual tour: Washington Park (the Rose Gardens are really quite outstanding), Mt. Hood (Timberline Lodge), the Columbia Gorge, including Multnomah Falls (good soft ice cream there) … Continue reading

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